Thursday, December 2, 2010


    I'm a kid. :3
    My friends call me by different names.

    Acquaintances? Trish will be fine. My chinese name is Guo Li Sha though, but it would be tiring to add 2 more syllables. For my full name, scroll up.

    My dad is a Filipino while my mom is Chinese. So, what does that leave me? I look and act weird. I must be an alien. "Meep-meep!"

    I stand 5'7 tall and am so freaking proud of it. To my sister who's 3 years younger than me, "You will never be taller! Nawh, jk. You're already as tall as me. Darn it."

    BUT I'M STILL PRETTIER THAN HER. >:) Blame my mom. She knows ev-uh-ry-thang!

    I've been breathing unconsciously since the 20th of November, 1992. It gets tiring sometimes. You feel me? No? Okay. I understand.

    I'm not that night-club-dancing-q
    ueen-"sosyalera" whatever type of girl. I don't even know where Catribo is. Okay, I do. But I've never been there. Lmao.

    If I look snobish in my photos and in person, well, I'm not. Slight. I don't know. Don't pressure me! Talk to me and find out.

    :3 <- (See? I just smiled!) It's assured that I'm the most random person you knew, you know, and will know. I say things I don't mean, but that doesn't mean I'm mentally challenged. Like, duh? ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ! OMG I know the letters of the alphabet!

    Food? That's my language! I love it. You could see it in me, anyway. Lol Italian, Chi, Jap, and Fil foods are awesome. *Drools*

    LISTEN! *Silence* I'm not the biggest fan of sweets. *Please gasp* I prefer salty food. Not all the time, though. But, yeah. You get my point. I eat.

    I'm into a lot of stuff. I dance 'til I get the feeling that I've lost 10 pounds.

    Do I sing? Yeah, but prepare lots of tissues 'cause your ears will surely bleed. I also do graphic art. I'm a "Jackie Chan follower"- you got that right, I know a lil' somethin'2 'bout martial arts. I write and read, too.. Anything involving literature. ♥

    I breathe and walk, too. Is that counted?

    Only fools possess no friends. I belong to two "barkadas". One is composed of my HS sweethearts and we call ourselves STAR. The other one is formed just this 2009 and we call ourselves ATIGNERAM. Figure it out.

    ..Did I mention on how much I love those people?

    I belong to the Q/KUE-USMAN family. I know, K and Q aren't really identical, but we're still related. Ask our parents.

    I love music. Who doesn't? I bet it's only my dog, Bubbles; who's a dachshund btw. I love her. She has a couple of outfits- the polkadotted ones are the best! ♥
    Sad, though.. She's about as old as me. I mean.. She's been with us for 10 years now. 10 years, man! Can you believe it?!

    I am not a smoker. I am not a drinker. I am not YOU.

    People who love me are smart.

    People who talk sh*t about me behind my back are filthy...Uh...Stop it, Trish. That's mean.

    Okay, I told myself to make about more or less 5 paragraphs only. I'm not tired yet, plus I've got 11% of energy left. I'll be kind enough and use it all up for you. Yes, you.

    I'm not that typical "kikay" that boys expect from girls who go to school with a shoulder bag and a cute clip holding their hair up. I prefer the term "simple".

    I'm a bookworm. The type of maggot that reads anything that starts with the word "The". Creepy.

    WTF I forgot about my education. I'm currently a sophomore under the course of nursing at ADZU. It's so stressful, but it's worth it. *Sob* LOL

    By the way, don't ask me about my love life. I'll just smile and hurt you physically. Figure it out. Tik-tok! Curious, huh?

    Oh, crap! You drained my energy to -2%! I'm fading! I'm fading! No...


    "I hope this revision will last for a longer period than the last one. It's tiring to come up with another. Thanks!" -Trish-who-just-evaporated

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