Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's the second of January- a day before class officially starts. As of this moment I'm constantly breathing my last breath of freedom, the last time I could wake up late and play video games all night. Yes, I play video games- guy games, specifically. Surprised? You should be.
Spongebob is on TV. Oh, joy! At least I could watch my favorite show, other than the 90's cartoons I, with so much effort, stay up late just to watch (Late as in 12 MN-4 AM late), before I get busy with stress. I'm in my parent's strangely-sophisticated room with my Achi and Shobe, that's big and little sister in chinese (So, now I'm giving Chinese lessons? Lol) while munching on some cereal. I got no food. The food in the room I'm in now isn't mine, and I don't want to steal it from others. O:-) Anyway, it stopped raining. I really enjoy the relaxing sounds of the raindrops pouring down on the rooftop and on my window. It makes me feel good, plus it sets the mood to write another post or edit some new photos.
So yeah, tonight I'll be making dessert and helping my mom and the maid here cook dinner. I can't say I know how to cook that well 'cause all I know is how to heat and cook egg. Haha. This is so wrong for a girl like me, but I do know how to help bake and cook some other dishes. Dessert? You can count on me! :) I take that back about the NOT knowing how to cook.. I'm just playing with ya.
i guess this all ends here. I have to go finish watching this new, lame Spongebob episode. The old ones are better. Call me a kid or a spoiled, choosy brat. I don't care. Hee. :3

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