Saturday, April 2, 2011


Don't you just hate it when people label you as the "black sheep of the family", or even the "outcast"? The feeling in where you just get that ultimate difficulty in breathing and the room keeps spinning around and around as if you rode a roller coaster 1 gazillion times? Then you suddenly hear voices coming from the walls as the silence tries to fight it with the strength of nothing to compete with? Oh, gosh. Isn't that hard? Doesn't that mere intro make you want to hug someone and feel wanted? Well, I know a girl who is experiencing these mixed emotions as of the moment. Why mixed, you ask? It's 'cause she can't decide whether to hold a grudge and be rebellious over it or just act as if nothing happened, as if it's an everyday routine that a typical person goes through just to keep himself alive? Sucks, I know. But what's left to do?
The worst part is if you're doing everything to reach out to your family but still there's no trace of appreciation or any other emotion that's related to gratitude and all those mushy practices normal families do to their kids just to make them feel loved. Ah, the irony. Why can't we just choose who our parents are, right? I'm not saying that I don't give significance to my family now, 'cause as I've said, this is about a girl I know- and no, it is not my shadow nor my conscience. Get it straight, okay.
I think the only solution to these problems is a mature talk, not like the ones in American films where the whole family sits in a room ant the teen says, "Mom, dad, I..", then the father butts in and says, "I knew it! Who have you been screwing?!". I mean, WTH? That is so straightforward. In a very very bad way, yes. I'm also not talking about the super duper ultra mega religious talks.. Just the average point of conversation, you know? But I guess it all depends on the parents, right? Oh, and the teen as well.. If their attitudes contradict then God have mercy on what will be the outcome of it.