Saturday, April 16, 2011


I was desperately lying in bed with my eyes focused on what creature is crawling on the ceiling, and later realize that it was just my imagination. I was bored. I felt as if a huge tsunami wave took all my gadgets and washed it away towards a world unknown. Who the heck is using my stuff? The other version of me? The one who's less.. Me-ish?!

I've had enough.. Being stuck in my little brother's room (he has a huge TV, so I hang in his room instead) is not healthy enough for me anymore. What to do, what to do?! I've had too much boredom running through my veins and it's about to take over my whole body! It's like a whole army of these tiny boredom germs are sticking to my bones and chewing them off like a mad, mad hyena munching on its main course!

I know I'm being too much on my exaggerated side. Shush up and bear with me because exaggerated I will no longer be because I've found..

SIMS 3! This game itself will save anybody from boredom, stress, and even death. Yes, death. Lmao That's why in the game, the sims could interact with dead people and even be close friends with them. Wack, right?!

So yeah, I've been playing Sims for days now. As I sit down on my comfy, lazy-boy like chair (yes, it's not the real thing), I start to play and have a truly hard time letting go of my laptop; heck, it's even as hard as trying to stop breathing! I mean, who wouldn't want to mess with the lives of others on a huge screen right in front of you? But in my case, I'm trying to picture out what my life would most likely be in the future and with who. I know you people are wondering who, where, and when? Well, you curious cats would just have to wait.. Wait until the last zit on your face pops; until the last leaf of your tree falls; until the last piece of your broken heart is restored; UNTIL THE LAST SIM OF YOUR GAME GOES BROKE.

So, to those under the same misery as I was once in, try this and regret nothing. Yes, N O T H I N G .