Tuesday, April 12, 2011


"Only Hope"- the title of one of Mandy Moore's best songs, and one of which is featured in the movie "A Walk To Remember". I was so curious as to what this movie is all about; everyone is posting loads of love-filled and kilig statuses on FB and I had no idea why. I said to myself, "I am so late! I should watch this movie to finally figure out why people are going nuts about it." And so, without much doubt, I did.
I Google-d the movie and downloaded it for my own contentment. After hours of waiting, finally! I could watch it. I prepared a box of tissues for the reason that people's comments on the movie were nothing but *sob* *sob* and more *sob*. Oh, and let's not forget on how inspirational the movie is. Moving on.. I watched the movie alone at 11:00 PM, and finished at about 12 something right after the clock striked 12 MN. Outcome? Tears, tears, and a large amount of more tears with an even larger amount of that "kilig" feeling I was thoroughly expecting.
I just find it astonishingly sweet that a guy as messed up as the one in the movie would change completely, giving up even the things he adores most and giving in to those in which he must, for the girl that was probably his last resort (when in fact, she turned out to be the perfect one). This movie inspired me a whole lot and I'm pretty sure it inspired others even more. Here's to the ones responsible for this amazing movie! *Cheers*