Sunday, May 8, 2011


Everybody knows Rebecca Black AKA "RB". This 13 (?) year old girl just got the title for the absolute worst music video along with the messing of her voice by the producers that goes well with all the wrong things in the video. It's like a cat mating right outside my window at night screaming right to the top of their feline lungs. Anyway, RB has almost 98% dislikes of her video in YouTube.. I bet the only ones who liked it were her friends and family. I'm not being mean, but she shouldn't have tried to become a popular star and fail. Trying isn't bad, but you must have something to prove. She doesn't. Enough talk- here goes her video. Enjoy while you can. I hope.

DO NOT FRET! Here's a way better version- it's chinese but there are subtitles so BIG thanks to this talented dude who saved us from the assumption that our eardrums have been permanently damaged. FYI I'm not being bias. I might be part chinese but that has nothing to do with the fact that this version is a billion times better than RB'S! Lol Here you go! Oh, and there are some bloopers at the end. Cool light up. ;) Super thumbs up to you!