Friday, May 27, 2011


Every time I wake up during school days I say to myself, "Okay, another day another migraine!" with my brows scrunched up and my lips pouted- okay, my lips wasn't really pouted but you get the whole I-know-something-not-right-is-gonna-happen feeling. Watch a movie, play a game, read a book (OMG, will do!), text, go window shopping, or even just lay down in your nice, comfy bed with those cute jammies with cartoon characters and weird laces on while starring at the ceiling deciding on how to get up because, reality check, you're a lazy ass. Lol truth be told, people.. Truth be told.
I tried to do some reading and improving my writing skills, but then I got a little bit bored and decided to once again get pathetic attempts to lose weight; I don't even understand why I have to! I mean, I'm into martial arts and all those self-defense and all but I still can't get skinny enough to my extent. Such a sad, sad story to tell. On the other hand, I tried to improve my artistic skills as well. I bought pastels, charcoal, a weird-looking sketch book which is strangely sophisticated beyond ways no one can even explain.. Once again, I got tired and started to read Nicholas Sparks' novels via ebook with my pretty laptop.

But, alas, everything ends up the same. Same old failure and that sudden feeling of being sawa. Oh well, I guess I just can't stick to one thing like those other obedient and whatever words people usually use to label intelligent people.
I also tried to find ways to change my hair style. I think I'm gonna dye it in a few months, I really want to dye it now but I just got it straightened and I don't want to get it looking all dry and shriveled up. Lol I want this color:

I really adore this shade- sort of reddish but it still remains the color of mahogany. I'm not so good with hair colors but this is what I want for mine! At least, a bit lighter so that I won't be scolded by my nursing instructors at school. Or how about this weird shade of rainbow on different strands of my hair? Haha. Seriously, I'm nothing but not serious. Lol *Wink wink*

Moving on to what the bottom line is of this post. Sorry for the sudden interruptions. Lol
In a few days, I'll be back to school. Waking up early with those annoying eye crusts (WTH did I just say?) around my eye, my hair down and all messed up but I sort of like it anyway, my lips looking all weird and pouted, and my conscience's unstoppable urge to get me all powered up for school and wanting me to annihilate these unwanted mood swings that will surely lead me to a day of complains and yeah you get my point.

I'M EXCITED FOR SCHOOL. There, I said it. Are you happy now? Okay, this might sound a like someone else and no the usual Trisha you know, but trust me, I'm serious. Curiosity disturbing you? Wait for my future posts on why my interests for school have suddenly boosted up. 'Til then, hugs and kisses!


  1. Nice hair color choice, I will dye and have my hair cut tomorrow, I might try mahogany brown or ash brown.. :D

    Btw link ex? TC!