Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Gaining knowledge is a good thing, but gaining weight is a whole different story- especially with girls. I love my appearance, it's God's gift and I embrace it 100%! Problem is, I sort of slightly destroyed it with sweets. I know you don't recognize me as the girl with a sweet tooth, but ever since a certain someone gave me Fererro Rocher, my life went all OMG. THAT is when I started to eat chocolates again.
I don't want to be fat. I really don't. For the past month I've noticed that my arms were growing a bit bigger. They're in perfect proportion with my height, but it's not a nice sight to see for me. I want to be skinny! Though people always and cautiously advice me to maintain and to not get super skinny, I always oppose to their words. I must be thin- really really thin.
I woke up to the sounds of the carpenters outside; the sounds of the saw cutting and the hammer banging are disturbing my sleep, so I decided to wake up anyway. I like waking up and looking in the mirror. I look best in the mirror every morning; my hair messed up while wearing super short shorts. I'm like, "I look awesome!", but after I take a bath and look in the mirror again, to my disappointment, I look less than how I want to look like. Sad sad sad.
From this second on, I will eat less sweets and less carbs! I don't want to go back to school as a junior looking like a huge, tall ball rolling around the halls of the school. Ugh. Food is so good but the ones that taste better are bad! Boo!