Sunday, July 24, 2011


Okay, so let's face it.. I'm not the most responsible girl you know, heck I'm not even that independent! I'm like a kid that constantly needs the assistance of my mom or guardian to get me through each activity, or else I'd break down and cry then eventually give up and ask someone else to finish the job. I never really cherished that habit as much as I cherish the people who are involved in helping me get it over with. Truth is, I cram. A lot. I cram with quizzes, projects, requirements, everything! I even cram to go to the bathroom and pee. I know, that's pretty stupid.
I've survived 18 years carrying the leech of irresponsibility, and I never even felt it suck out the remaining "good" blood I carry to actually survive this crazy world, and when I say world, I mean the nursing world. The world of pure stress and sleepless nights, though I don't really mind not being able to sleep early. It's actually fun! If you're that night-type sort of person that enjoys the sounds of silence while admiring the moonlight with your blanket on and a cup of hot chocolate within your grasp. Man, that's heaven on earth! Oh, also with a huge book of Medical-Surgical Nursing as well.. Never forget the book. That's the only thing I have left to live. Seriously. I might die without it.

Being a junior is like being a sophomore x 10.. The lectures are tripled and the quizzes are up to the maximum. For Pete's sake, give me a break! I'm only 18! I'm legal enough to get in prison but not that old to get only 2 hours of sleep INCLUDING Sundays! That's the only day to rest and cuddle up under my blanket, listen to the tunes of Mika, Leona Lewis, and Avril Lavigne with the volume up full blast- using my earphones. Don't judge me, plz.
Nothing can be done. Well, there is one thing.. To change. That's the only thing! So I better say goodbye to all the old, little emotions and habits I usually carry along with that little notebook I have that's filled with scribbles I do when I'm bored in class. I love that little boredom diary but I must let it go. *Sob

Beware, world. A new me is approaching..

I FORGOT TO TELL YOU! There's just one thing you can't take away from me.. The sudden urge to take shots of myself! Hooray for vanity!