Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Pressured as heck with finals- I had to let loose and enjoy some music and videos for a while. I am most certainly not a robot nor am I like mom and dad who just can't stop studying.. I mean, what kind of teenager (yes, I am enjoying my last year of being one) would have fun in a quiet, isolated place with a huge, thick book in hand that weighs even heavier than her HP Pavilion dm4 laptop- double it to be exact, while chewing on a Mongol 2 pencil's tip with a lamp on that focuses on those tiny font sizes and annoying cheap page material that's worth more than it should?

Well, as I was surfing on Youtube to kill time, I surprisingly stumbled upon this video. Lady Gaga, decent? Well, she's still 10% wack because of her hair, but OMG this video just made me like her for her actual voice, and not that auto-tune Rebecca Black style that we normally listen to. Wait, did I just compare Gaga to Black? I must be going crazy! Anyway, enjoy this just as much as how I enjoyed listening and playing this video over and over for the whole afternoon yesterday. :P