Sunday, November 6, 2011


As I restlessly rest my head on my favorite, fluffy pillow, cautiously NOT minding what time it is and continue to watch endless movies, play random games and twitter non-stop, oh, and let's not forget about blogging (never forget that), I shall double all of these just to make-up for all of the work and hardship that has passed, and to prepare for the long, challenging road ahead. Oh, 2nd semester, please be good to me.
It's a day away from my class, well not really class it's more like a demo of a hospital practice (iv therapy), where in we use these uniforms that are really comfortable when you got the size bigger than how it fits you, which is how it should be; unlike those girls who really want to show their shape or whatever do it really fit! AND and and they will get demerits for that- so hah! Going back to the topic.. still I have not prepared anything nor have I worried on what the requirements are for tomorrow. Well, that's what you call a nursing student. We cram a lot but still succeed. Cool, right? ;)
Anyhow, I must be very careful this semester. I know I can do better than the last time. This thing that I do when exams come? You know, holding my book open, reading, yes, but none of that really stays in my head, and I know it's my fault. I mean, how can someone get the job done of studying well when there's a laptop open right in front, calling out "use me! Use me!" all throughout the time of studying?

This time I shall be a better student, and to not let my parents and myself down.

You will see a different "Trisha" now. Be prepared.