Friday, November 25, 2011


It was a boring afternoon, and the only thing that entertained me was the ebook I've been reading for 4x already, and this is the only time I got bored with it. It's like being in school and listening to the boring voice of my single 67-year-old professor that always uses his favorite gray vest every time he gets in class. His favorite line was "You people are a disgrace to the new generation!". I'm always touched with that line. I truly am. *Chills* LMFAO
As I was watching these boring videos on Youtube on my laptop while lying down in bed (yes, that's not actually the best position to use a laptop), my sister was doing the same thing, the only difference is she was actually watching something. Here's the video of pure cuteness with a million of sprinkled sweetness that's partnered with it!

NOTE: If you're that type of person who's cruel and doesn't find much happiness or entertainment in little things, then stop right here. You're better off watching the HomeShoppingNetwork or something.

What did I tell you? Freaking adorable, right? I'd eat this dish any day! I'd take those pick-up sticks down!


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