Friday, December 30, 2011


Here I am, once again, lying down on my comfy bed in my room with a cup of hot coffee on my desk, and my HP laptop right here, resting on my lap as if it were programmed to do so, and let us not forget the oh so popular cellphone I can NOT live without, tied to my hand; stuck like glue. Moving on to the actual "action".. As my hair falls down my face, distracting my thoughts on what I was about to type, I then compile each and every feeling I have experienced during my 5-day stay at Ilo-Ilo, my grandmother's hometown, and the place I learned to love-me even more. :)
When I was a kid, I had always dreamt of being the center of attention, but once I get to that point, I get the feeling of being cornered by wild animals who are trying to kill me slowly with their fierce eyes and raging sharp claws, with the teeth that could cut through bones to go with the nasty, dangerous image. Well, I am not so sure what I want now- a usual teenager (yes, 19 is still considered a teen) would want clothes, money, and vacation with friends to party all night like they have never partied before- jumping all around not giving much attention to whoever is looking, dancing to the beat of God knows what trash is being played (sometimes wrecked) on the DJ's corner, and drink as much booze as a drunkard could possibly consume. That-is-not-me. I might be, as said by several people I barely know and those I am close with, the image of a spoiled brat that knows nothing more but to demand, eat, sleep, party, spend money, and all that rubbish. Boy, are they wrong. "Maling Akala", as they would put it out.
I have been in favor of a whole lot of unusual and ridiculous yet strangely amusing things, which change from time to time (reflecting how much of a mood-swinger I am), but not on how I feel about being surrounded by the ones I love! Especially when I get to be acquainted with a whole lot more relatives I did not even know I was related to, and at the end of the day, end up being close to them as if they were my own flesh and blood, oh wait, they are!
So I guess you are all wondering who these wonderful people are, eh? Here's a scroll box on some, yes only some, of the wonderful people I am related to- proud to introduce, my LUTERO family!

Did I not make it clear that these people are awesome? Pictures are not enough, clearly. I swear that if you get the chance to be with these angels then you would be so glad to be a part of our clan. I am sure you guys have your own special family, and I highly respect that, and I am sure you people would be happy for me as well when I say that I am 101% PROUD TO BE A LUTERO!
I thank God for blessing me with them, and I hope that in about 2-5 years another reunion would be held and I could meet more and more people!
Hold your pretty little horses, I have got one more point to point out in order for my point to be a point you would all as well point out as a point to ponder..

Guys, FAMILY COMES FIRST. No matter what tragedy or huge complication might come your way, no matter how horrible the scenario might be among you and your family (it rhymes, so you must take note), apologize, forgive, forget, and be a better family. Who else would you run off to when you have got no more money to spend (Not in a spoiled way)? No more wisdom to share? No more food to eat, water to drink, or happiness that only your family could exclusively provide? I admit, I am not the perfect daughter, nor am I the best sister, but I assure you like how sure I am of my purpose in life (which is to please Him with no regrets/hesitations), no other being could ever be compared to the love I endlessly give and gladly and fortunately receive from my family. xx



  1. I love this post! Tama ka sis, Family talaga ang UNA para sa atin. :D Tis year ko lang narealize ang worth na yun and this post gave me a better picture of what a family is. Wow cater pa ang reunion.<33 Lovet sis.Happy new year!