Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I was browsing through my Facebook news feed while switching tabs to be updated on the latest YouTube videos when suddenly a friend messaged me and shared a story on a very annoying, disappointing, and somehow disgusting scenario that happened to her just recently. See, this friend of mine is a sweet girl; studies well in school and has hobbies and interests that of an ordinary teenager. I am not so sure how this happened, but there are a couple of girls who recklessly gossip about her, and the sad part is, they do it physically. I mean, is it even humane to do such act to someone with a God-given physical appearance? That is even worse than criticizing her attitude. If you blame a person for looking that way, good or bad, major or minor flaws, better make sure you are in perfect shape, along with the perfect attitude- oh wait, if you have a perfect attitude, you would not even mind making "chismis" to other people, especially to innocent girls who mind their own business.

As I was listening to the stories of each of my friends who have been a victim of this, my heart rate increased as my memories of what is over.. Haunted me once again. I have experienced this before. I might have had a couple of bad memories regarding "haters", but it is all in the past. 2011 is 2011. 2012 is a new, fresh year- but for some, it is a perfect start for another sabotage. I do not even understand why they do these nasty things.. I know a couple of girls who are very formal- neat, witty, and pretty, but do they practice this sinful act? No. They do not even mess with other girls, they actually HELP them. I am not judging negatively nor am I being rude, but why do girls, especially those who are not even that attractive, rant or mess with other girls? Such animals!

We all have the freedom to speak! I actually admire those who are "prangka", but for God's sake!! To DENY? To cover up their mistakes and act like they do not even know what is happening? Get real, people!

To those who experienced, those who are experiencing, and those who might experience this in the future, share this. Justice to those who are being picked on!! They must come to the realization that the only ones who will get karma, who will eat their words in the near future, and those who will actually HURT God by insulting His dear creations let alone deny the fact and lie to that person's face without having even a little pity or "konsensya", will surely get what they deserve. Oh, you people might be hot, might be popular, might be a "somebody" now, but in the future, we will see who will have the last laugh. You people? I do not think so.

Bitter, eh? IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO CHANGE. 2012, guys. God gave us a whole new year to become better persons, and that is what we shall fulfill. For your own sake, change. We all want it.

HATERS. It is so frustrating when you're so happy with something you have, something you've accomplished, or something you're looking forward to, that your smile is "abot-tenga" and you're giggling and jumping up and down as your hair moves around to the wind's command as it whispers to your meticulously curious ears, "Yipee!", then all of a sudden, your world comes crashing down as if a big, brick wall was falling down on you continuously for hours and hours? I do. I've experienced that a couple of times, and it wasn't easy to deal with. It was like a battlefield in my head- a battlefield of me and people who have nothing more to do than handle their jealousy with words so harsh that it could bend mountains and even make an unhappy clown even unhappier. Why did I use a clown for this negative feedback? Well, I hate them. They're creepy "things" I don't want to deal with.

There are 3 ways to handle haters, and I've tried all of them yet was impressed with only 1. Oh, and these ways are according to moi, so don't hate me if they didn't work, though I doubt it 'cause everyone who followed my advice is happy now. Just.. Don't be a hater as well, okay? So, here we go..

    This is the 3rd and least effective way to fight off haters. This is great when you plan of having your revenge, yet very very bad when it comes to making everything better, including your image, which is the last thing that you would want to wreck or get rid of, aside from your pride, honor, and dignity. Wow, that was so chinese. Oh, wait, I am.

    The 2nd and better way to fight off haters is confronting. Yes, you've read that right, people. Decently. Don't be all wild when you confront, and when I say wild, I mean wild in the sense that you catch everone else's attentions and go crazy with harsh words. What if the hater you yelled at ignored you and walked away? THAT WOULD BE THE MOST EMARASSING THING EVER. Trust me. Plus, what if you have a LOT of haters? (This is normal) Confronting all of them would be so tiring that you would feel older and weaker by the minute, and there's a big chance that they will hate you more.

    The 1st and BEST way is ignoring. Enough said. If you ignore all those mean things being said about you, they would eventually stop, because haters LOVE it when you react to their comments and gossip about you, and tend to spread it more; but if you ignore it like nothing happened, then nothing else will happen, too. ;)

I hope this post will help a lot of people dealing with haters out there. Peace out and God bless!

"If you are a nobody, they will ignore you. If they talk about you, you must be someone special. You must have achieved something they cannot."

Oh, and to those who are being picked on? Chin up, guys! Live life to the fullest. Most of them just hate and make rumors out of jealousy. You might have something they do not, or maybe their friend prefers to hang out with you more, and their anger is expressed into a thousand, evil ways. Be happy, and always talk to God. He has the best answers for everything. ;) xx


  1. You're the best trish! :) sobrang naka relate tlga ako sa blog mo :))

  2. "IGNORE THEM" -- true that! :) always do this. Dahil sila rin ang mapapagod! :)

  3. i certainly agree with this... there are really a lot of people who are like that... better tell them like.. if don't have something good to say about others, might as well just keep their mouth shut right? Thumbs up miss trish!!!! =)

  4. Ignore them that's right! I hate people who makes it as their hobby >.<

    It is so non-sense and waste of time only.
    Thanks for sharing it :)

  5. hahaha this makes my day. The readers really can relate to this. Good job!

    love and peace!

  6. Speaking as a victim of not haters - but bullies. One thing I learned, they are just insecure and have nothing important to do.. So keep that pretty head up high. The best revenge ever is to smile and ignore. :)

  7. Haters or Bullies will be everywhere. And I don't think there will ever be a cure for that. But that is a crime. And I agree, they are just insecure people.

  8. haters are people whose insecure cause you're the person they wanted to be! :)))

  9. I think people who do such things are just jealous. You mentioned that most girls who do these are not even attractive. That's the reason. They're not attractive that's why they hate girls who are prettier and/or smarter than them.

  10. narrow-minded people like to gossip and talk about other people, the girls starting gossip are just insecure. don't let insecure girls bring you down. =)

  11. Aww you guys are just awesome! Thanks for the comments.. Great advices, too. ;) Stay strong, people!