Saturday, February 4, 2012


The innocence of the silence that lingers across the room has struck me, and these several, light voices in my preoccupied head keep on gently whispering all that is left to be said on what I must willingly do to fight for what is right in my world- our world. Alas, I am not referring to love once again for I have other things in mind, yet I am not selfishly pointing out that love is not important, for it is, with no doubt, one of the necessities of man, which all of us take for granted in even the most nasty and inhumane way. Pity.
Every time I am left alone in a spacious room, the impression goes right into my head that the room I am in, whether or not it is true, that the walls are turning white, then dark immediately, and it's as if there is no escape. No secret door on the floor or any secret messages or chants that I must shout out in fear with a trembling voice that screams in silence of the thirst and hunger of the will to live- to survive. I always get this feeling, and my heart immediately goes beating like crazy, it's as if there is no tomorrow. I don't really know how a hang-over feels like, but I'm pretty sure this unwanted feeling is worse. I can't even imagine. Oh, wait, I currently am. See? I'm losing it.

I wish to be in a world of peace- a world with no loud music or crazy, high teenage drinkers who have sex to pass the time, and smoke to impress. I have nothing against them, but I would rather avoid and not become one of them. I want to be in a world with people who don't gossip as a hobby, and reads and writes and enjoys the same music as I do. Am I sounding too off or selfish to you? What? Self-centered? Oh. Okay, fine. Let's just put in other types of people to blend with me. Is that okay? Good. Now, I must go and reminisce for I need to get myself to think straight and stop thinking so negatively; but, for a pessimistic person, I'm pretty optimistic. I love you, Paramore.