Friday, February 24, 2012


As I wake up, the sun rises and my little sister is in the shower taking an 8-minute bath, the alarm from my phone is ringing once again, since I "accidentally" clicked snooze. It's going to be another boring day filled with books, books, and more books; not that I hate reading, I'm actually a bookworm when you come to think of it, the only problem is, the books I prefer to read aren't really considered as a pre-requisite subject to sleep late studying over. Suckish.

"I don't want to go to school!", "Another day, another migraine", "Boring...", and "Can I go to class tomorrow?" are the usual lines that pop up in my head whenever I wake up in the morning from Monday to Saturday. And when I have duty, I MUST be in school by 6:30 AM. WHO THE HELL GOES TO SCHOOL BY 6 AM?! Then all those annoying professors who can't accept mistakes and teach all those wack stuff scold innocent students- not that all of them are like that, plus I can't name them 'cause World War III might happen any moment. Chaos, man. Chaos.

What if school came about according to all MY rules? All MY expectations? Wouldn't that be awesome? Nothing would make me happier. GLS UNIVERSITY? Could be!

I would make students use all those uniforms you see in anime shows, where the girls use short skirts and a cute top- stylish and sexy yet still has decency in it. And for the guys? Well, I didn't really put much attention to what they were wearing, but I know they look cute in it. ;) Then you could bring your adorable pets to school! Well, not all. If you have a bore or a roach as a pet, then I would ban that. I apologize; BUT I could always put up a little school for them if you want. Lol

Then the food will be FREE! Hold on, well, okay. F-R-E-E. Then no more Sloppy Joe's will be served- all the oil and the unknown ingredients in that dish will never be placed onto our tongues again! No more icky casseroles or *pukes* juices with flavors you can't even distinguish! That would be stupendous!

Well, I guess all of that would remain a dream, unless I get SUPER rich and rule the world, that is. Wait for it.