Sunday, March 4, 2012


ART. Oh, what a talent anyone would trade a ton of money for. The colors, the style, the passion.. What more could any one ask for?

When people hear the word ART, the they usually conclude it with the words “painting”, “sketching”, and “drawing”. Well, we’re in the modern world now, and even art has leveled up. Yep, you got it right! PHOTOSHOP.. Adobe Photoshop.

I do sketching, painting, and also drawing, especially real people. I just love drawing people even though I’m not that great, it’s still obvious who I drew. I think. I hope. Yikes! :S

Okay, enough with that. Here are some of my best edited photos (Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5)

No one taught me how to edit photos, I learned by myself. I get confused when other people teach me. I prefer discovering the ways to do so. :)

I gained weight now so I'm a bit shy to post photos. In a month or so if my diet is successful I will post more edited photos.. Full body ones. *hoping for weight loss*

I just love editing.. Art is really my thing. Next to writing, of course. :) And also public speaking. I have no idea why I took up nursing. Lol But I love the course anyway.

I like editing and I've developed more skills while editing more and more. I started way back with the FRIENDSTER profile backgrounds.. Then people were asking me to do the same with theirs. Lol

Want to know how? Here’s a quick tutorial on how.

Don’t like videos? Well, no problem. If you prefer reading, here you go!

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial: Here

Good luck!

We all have talents in art, but it depends on us on whether to use that and practice more and more, or to just ignore the gift(s) given to us. :)