Saturday, March 3, 2012



A week more and it’s the so-called “hell week” of college students. Time to get those lectures photocopied and patience lengthened, time to purchase “Memo Plus” and a ton of coffee that would last for more than a week, considering the overnight studying which would contribute to huge eyebags, and a sure shot of being cranky in the morning. Oh, finals, why do you have to be so.. You know.. You?!

Here are a couple of photos from my old phone (idk why I used it. Maybe I just miss it. Lol) on what I’m going to read for the whole week:

Nursing books + Statistic and Philosophy photocopies + Research PPTs + Zoology Lectures = [._.]"

Wish me luck, everyone! I hope to get the grades I deserve in the finals! God bless everyone and good luck to those in the same situation as moi! xx

Bonus photo: Me with my super HUGE eyebags.. Expect bigger ones in the days to come. Lol

NO MAKE UP SO YOU COULD REALLY SEE THE UGLY EYEBAGS (Sorry for the lighting and the color. Weird camera effect and I was in a hurry going to school. This was taken around 6 AM. :P)