Saturday, March 24, 2012


It’s been almost a month since my last post, and I apologize greatly for that. You people don’t know how much I wanted to post, but refrain to do so due to the finals and other requirements that is sort of like a life-and-death stage for me- whether I’d pass the 3rd year of being a nursing student or not.. But don’t think I failed in our midterms, okay. It’s not that, but everyone knows how hard it is to survive school nowadays. Total journey.. And in my case, one with blood and guts- literally.

To my fellow bloggers, daily readers and those who skip one and go for the alternate, and last but not least to those curious people who visit my site for reasons only they know, I’m back! Back for more. So here’s a little something for you guys.. Just 3 questions that would get me going and give me a boost in the blogging “business”.

1. Should I change my BLOG THEME?
2. Any disturbing or unwanted sections of my blog you would want to comment about? (Be nice please!)

What should I do with my hair? Curl it, dye it, have it straightened?


To those who have commented and those who are yet to do so, thank you! xx