Sunday, March 25, 2012


No one ever said that parenting would be easy- being a parent is as hard as those anvils that fall on the head of Wile E. Coyote every time he desperately tries to make the road runner his lunch. With that statement, I may say that being a parent is most definitely not a piece of cake, and I'll disregard how literally sweet this idiom may be. Yes, it is a fun job to take care of a hell of a cute, chubby white kid while it destroys its pacifier with the acid of saliva dominating its every portion! Gosh, I'm going way too overboard with this issue; and yes, I know saliva doesn't hold the ability to do that to the pacifier. Bear with my rage on this issue.

My point is that with the absolute feeling of warmth that comes with being a parent, each one of them must be prepared on what challenges life has to offer- may it be good or bad. Like how sweet it is to have sex with your partner, along with it comes the pain of child-bearing and financial concerns- don't act as if I'm being too liberated or exaggerated, because all that is popping out from my brain is immediately being processed and put into words by my fingers. You can notice how important this issue is to me and how frustrated I am with these types of people by how hard I type. Come here and find out. Wait, never mind.

A lot of parents have used the excuse of child abuse as simply training the child with a different form of discipline. I have no idea how beating up the child until it bleeds innocent blood labels under a form of discipline. The most pathetic reason for child abuse is when the child of the ungrateful parents who expect a good-looking child that will match the great name they have prepared for them, is born the opposite, and as a reflection of the looks that came out with the child is how harsh the abuse will be.

An excellent movie that must be watched by the parents who practice this cruel act is the 2009 movie "Precious", promoted by Oprah. In case you guys are wondering about the movie, I'll provide the trailer of the movie right below. Watch it:

With that example of what happened to the star of the movie who was, with no mercy, being bullied by the people around her and her mother as well; parents and the people around as well must know how to treat each individual with respect to themselves and to God as well. I mean, being picked on because of how much overweight a person is? Come on, people! Grow up! Be mature enough to take into consideration the more important aspects.

The size, color, and whatever else that is usually judged by those insensitive people must not be implemented anymore.