Monday, April 2, 2012


''Angry Birds Space'' triples the pace: 10 million downloads in just three days!!

Rovio's Angry Birds Space has taken only three days to reach 10 million downloads, the company has revealed on its Twitter feed. The previous instalment in the popular bird-launching game series, Angry Birds Rio, set new records for Rovio by achieving the same number of downloads in 10 days. Beating the previous high water mark by a week is testament both to the growing popularity of Angry Birds as a whole and the quality of the new game. Of course, it doesn't hurt matters that Rovio released simultaneously on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS, with both free and paid options, addressing a vast potential audience with its brand new game.

Here, I shall provide you with the awesome story on how the birds, this time, got angry. ;p

The official story for Angry Birds Space! Out on iOS, Android, PC & Mac! Click here

Credits to "The Verge" found here!


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