Tuesday, May 29, 2012


How do I put this in a more simple and formal manner- Oops, I can't. So here's the whole point of my sudden eagerness to strike revenge on those good-for-nothing CHEATERS. There, I said it. You could see the rage I'm holding on to because of the blinking, bright red text of that foul, foul word. Live with it. Live with the fact that there really are those filthy "creatures" who roam around among us.

A story has been told that the one that's left will eventually meet someone new and live happily ever after. Well, readers, life isn't always that sweet. Life is hard- though filled with laughs and a little of teen-age fun here and there, it could still give us a hell of a roller coaster ride- one with a broken system that will make the ride eventually stop and pitiful screams will be heard by the audience down low watching and waiting for their very turn. That's life.

Nonetheless; life is an awesome reality, that is, if you minus all the mean people that only want you for either your money or your virginity. What are they purporting to? Are they just in need of a little fun to spice up their boring, useless lives? Where's the justice? Where's the decency? This is a load of Jerry Springer shit right here, people. Be prepared.

Photo from www.riflebirds.com

I can't give the 100% blame to the cheaters. I mean, the ones with the loss also have something to be blamed for, though it's not that big of a deal, but in the first place, they should've been more meticulous and chose a better partner for their hopeful future that he/she was been planning on since the day they've met, a week after that, a month, a year, or even as long as a decade. Cheating has no time limit whatsoever.

Once again, I ask the same question to all of you, "What is the freaking point of all this lying and cheating?".

Suppose I'm the one who was being lied to (I repeat, I'm just using myself as an example so please don't assume anything), what would the other party feel? Every time I'm waiting for my guy to get home from work, I call him to check if he's okay- I constantly will, honestly, then I hear either a voice of one or two sl*ts, or a voice machine whatever saying "Hi, I'm busy at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep. *Beep*". Oh, and this is an even worse scenario! What if the guy was suppose to text his other girl, then accidentally sends it to you? What hurts even more is when the text that was sent to you was "dirty". Yes, it does depend on us if we will doubt the person or believe in our own intuitions. Your choice.

Solutions? Well, more like the same term without the S. The ONE AND ONLY solution is HONESTY. Be honest in every way possible and I assure you 100% that nothing unwanted would ever be taking place. With that, I bid you, my wonderful readers, a good-bye.