Tuesday, May 22, 2012


*Click*! "Oh my gosh, this shot is awesome!" -And that is where it starts.. Also, more often than not, it starts with "Woah, great effects! Gotta pose to blend in the photo!", then this leads to opening my HP Pavilion DM4 (yes, I'm proud of my baby) and hurriedly open Adobe Photoshop CS5, yes, that is what I use, also the latest PAINT; that program you guys usually take for granted, yet use endlessly and boast of during your elementary days. I know, I have been there, too. So, here we go! These, my friends, are a couple of photos I have edited over the week. These kawaii ones were edited 2 days ago when I was bored.

RECORD TIME OF EDIT: 8 minutes and 39 seconds
-Though it does not matter 'cause the editing time depends on how "bongga" your photo outcome will be.

These creepy edits are inspired by the holiday we're all excited-scared about, "Halloween". I hope these photos would leave a memory of me with you. If not, I will make sure it will. ;) Nawh JK hope you guys like them.