Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Cutey's bracelets are just fabulous and one of the cutest accessories I've ever laid eyes on. ;) Given the idea that I could probably win one of their bracelets makes me very excited and all I-have-butterflies-in-my-stomach-ey. I mean, the colors and the randomness (the good kind) it portrays are just too adorable!

I just love the color of the bracelet! :3 

I have used tons of bracelets before, each of different kinds and categories, and I admit I have a lot of favorites, but I didn't expect I'd add another one on my list. Yes, Cutey's bracelets! 

I just joined their contest, specifically from the blog of BabyVox, and I really hope to win the prizes! It doesn't matter if I win 2nd or 3rd, but what the heck, who wouldn't want to with the first prize? ;p