Saturday, May 26, 2012


Case studies are the reasons why nursing students are suffering from total stress and lack of sleep, due to overworking. Case studies are great opportunities for students to show to their respective clinical instructors how much they know on what case they chose, which should be a LOT. A total LOT. 

My duty group and 2 others were joined and had given the chance to make a case on DIABETES, or MEDULOBLASTOMA. At first, we wanted to take the Diabetes case, so that the load would be less heavy, but one of the instructors assigned to our group insisted that we should rather research on Meduloblastoma, so we did. 

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First, we were really confused and a bit pissed because we were very stressed at that time, then another huge one is coming our way, oh wait, I meant came. It has already come upon us, and we had no escape! So what's left to do but just get on with the show, right? 

While we observed that the other groups were concentrating and really giving time and effort with their cases, we were taking it slow and waiting for someone to start the conferences, but not much luck. We thought it would be horrible, but then again.. We were wrong. Again. (First time we were wrong? Neah never mind. Lol) 

The presentation was tomorrow, and we were all panicking, but calm at the same time. We had a review for maybe 15-20 minutes then went home. We were like, "Okay what happens, happens." 

HERE, A PHOTO OF THE SLIDESHOW THEME I MADE TO MAKE THE PRESENTATION ENJOYABLE (?). Lol Trust me this looked way better with the content in.

And here, we have a photo of our group during and after the presentation! Guess how it went?

AWESOME! The judges were, unexpectedly, all experts in the field of the case we were reporting on! They have commented a lot of amazing things about our presentation, and said that they didn't expect our knowledge on Meduloblastoma to be that well.

God is amazingly awesome! We had so much fun, and didn't move on from that day for about a week- even more! We were shocked, and our smiles were too high to even reach.