Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Family, friends, relationships, jealousy.. These are a few of the many things that could either help you up to the ladder of success, or back down to the road of, well not really failure, but you get the point.

I admit, I am not very independent, nor am I the brightest student in my course, but what matters is your determination to try, your resources available, and just enough knowledge to start it off, and along the way add up to that "just enough" knowledge, to "a whole lot" of it.

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Here, I have come up with 

5 very EASY and HANDY tips on how to be more independent:

1. Dump the bad influences in your life. 

Friendship is important, but what's more valuable is yourself, NOT in a selfish way. Friends are great to be with, but most of the time they hold you back on doing the things you want to do, or the things that is ought to be done. Keep a healthy distance! If you feel they're holding you back of your true potentials, think it over. I repeat, think it over. Even those people whom you think are "cool" have their own problems, so think ahead. :) 

The real "cool" friends are those who are concerned of you, not your money, belongings, or other set of friends. 

2. Be determined. 

Life is full or hardships, and they aren't easy to overcome, but when you believe you can, you can. 

3. Less afternoon strolls, night outs, or for short, GOING OUT. 

Teenagers. Yes sir, teenagers. Most commonly known as the age range of being "wild and free", which isn't bad at all, as long as the limits are set and the responsibilities are accepted. 

Don't think that you could go out drunk driving and get away with it. For every "happy happy" moment comes a price, so be ready to face it! If you can't, then avoid it. Spend more time with yourself- read more, spend more time with your family, and above all with God. Never lose faith.. Keep praying. 

But I'm not saying you shouldn't go out, just not that much anymore. If you still can't do that, then at least go out with the right people. You'll never know who's going to back-stab you, literally or not. 


Ah, procrastinating. Very famous- works for some people, fails for the other. Some work best when they're at the cramming stage, and some have no idea how to deal with it and just let it go by saying, "Neah it doesn't matter. I'll make up for it next time." which is very wrong. 

Procrastinating is most commonly due to laziness, and laziness is the first step towards failure. So, tell me this.. Would you want to procrastinate and enjoy life now, yet regret it later? Or sacrifice a little now, and enjoy it for the rest of your life? 

5. Accept failure, and try harder next time. 

Nobody's perfect- not me, not you, not him or her. Failure is the first step to being better at that particular thing you failed in, so accept it. Treat failure as a CHALLENGE, and be like Barney of "How I Met Your Mother" and say, "Challenge Accepted!" 

Remember, even the famous THOMAS EDISON failed 10,000 times in making the electronic light, so why let a few ones stop you? 

Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools."