Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I'm being perfectly honest when I say this.. "I ALWAYS PROCRASTINATE". I'm not going to say that it's hard to believe, because I think everyone does this every once in a while- some even do it daily. Lol Then I wanted to change, but then, I procrastinated again. Pretty ironic, eh? But it's never too late to change. If you visit my blog often then I bet you've read my previous post about being more independent.. Right now, my progress is going very well, actually. I'm doing great in summer school (not really school, but duty in different areas) of my last school year in nursing, and man does it feel great! Now, for the procrastinating problem. 


I've been procrastinating less! And here's what I did when I had nothing to do, not because I'm bored, but because all that I had to do is finished! Yay! It was hard at first, but at least I'm slowly changing for the better!


 And this is what I did while waiting for other requirements or errands to finish. It's my binder cover. 


 AND CLEANED ALL MY SHOES AND HEELS! I'm so happy. Haha! I used a toothbrush. I repeat.. A TOOTHBRUSH for all of them. Man I'm laughing at myself right now, not because I used the toothbrush, but because I had other faster ways to clean them, but decided to do it the hard way to kill time.

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