Thursday, June 14, 2012


JULY 07, 2012. A scary-exciting, and most awaited date- The day our college, Nursing, will have the *drum roll please* ACQUAINTANCE PARTY!

No girl would want to look bad on a day where they take a break from uniforms, hospitals, health centers, classrooms, and the like. This day is one of those very rare LOL days to dress to impress! So what is bothering me? Well, as expected from every girl, her WEIGHT.

So I enrolled at Platinum Fitness Gym, and every 5:30 in the morning I sweat my butt off for more or less 2 hours, and in the afternoon, if I have time or no class, with my friends Shaine and Mimi. Cute names they got here, right? ;p

The photos below are not under high resolution

These are the sexy ladies I'm talking about. xx

And this is a shot of the gym at 5:00 AM LOL Someone signed in first. No matter. :)


My sister's shoes. I did not know she even bought a pair of Lacoste shoes. I MUST BUY A PAIR, TOO! FATHERRR! *Puppy Eyes*

So I am not sure if I will lose enough weight because I still eat rice. Haha. But I'll try to cut the carbs. Any tips?