Friday, June 1, 2012


It was approximately 2:45 in the afternoon, the clouds were as gray as the shirt I willingly bought for about 249.50 php- Hey, this is already a sweet deal for a shirt as classy-looking as the one I wore; and the people who're surrounding me at the NAIA waiting area were busy and noisy as ever, and I stared into blank space as if I were some blind, retarded person waiting for someone brave to talk to her. I was bothered and I didn't like it one bit! Not one bit.

It was an hour before we had to board on the plane, I wanted to go home, and at the same time my mind was selfishly asking me, well, more like commanding me, to step back, refund whatever I could, and find some quiet place to think and be in peace. My mind felt really troubled like a worker who's working overtime for days and doesn't know how to handle himself. I was weak; I was very very weak and I don't know how to live it down. This wasn't the usual me, and to top it all off the people who were with me in the plane back home were very annoying and only about 20% of them had the manners that would help me get uplifted and feel better. Bummer.

Finally, it was boarding time! I packed up my things and held on to my laptop bag and my knapsack as if all of the people around me were thieves. You can't be too sure, you know. Anyways, I got on the plane and sat near the isle 'cause I didn't want to risk sitting near someone else who'd make my day worse. I was easily irritated that time and I really hated seeing other people staring at me. It annoyed me a lot more than usual. So, there I was.. Seated and held on to this book I just bought at NBS and it was awesome! Hands down, Elizabeth Kostova. Hands down.
The flight back home took about 2 hours! Longer than usual. I didn't really like the crew on that plane that time; they seemed very impolite and boring. Lol

Finally, Zamboanga, here I am! I quietly yelled in my mind, with a blend of excitement and depression. I was still weak and bothered, still hoping for the best to happen in a few days tops.