Monday, June 25, 2012


It was a night like any other.. Father reading his huge, thick medical books, while Mother does the same only with religious and inspirational articles, Baby Brother texting people he does not want us to know of (yes, teenagers), and yours truly, lying in a prone position with a pillow on both sides of the bed, yet again redecorating my blog's layout.

I have visited my blogger friends' pages and one of which was Angela's. Very cute, simple theme! But what caught my attention even more was her latest post on what she would have said to her 15-year old self.
*Light bulb*
Only then I realized that my life when I was a 15-year old was very, very complicated. I cannot say it was fun, but I also cannot say it was a total disappointment.

Yes, you and I know where this is going. I am about to write a letter to my 15-year old self as well! Thank you, Anj! Well, enough with the chitchat. Here it goes!

Dear 15-year-old Trish,


Hey, this is Trisha. Yes, still you, only I am 4 years and 7 months older. How are you? Are those people whom you thought were your "real friends" still talking about you behind your back? Do not worry. You might be very sad and feel alone at the moment, but after a year or so, your life will change; however, I must warn you of a few things that are about to happen. Just a heads up.

Do you remember that time when a certain girl confronted you and called you a "mangaagaw" just because her crush likes you? (To think you did not even entertain that guy) Well, you should not worry about her. You should not cry anymore because your life is so much better than hers, and no, this does not concern money.

If you are planning to buy an eyeliner just because your friend has the same thing and is under the impression of an emo, do NOT do it. I know being punk and gothic is very "in" right there and then but trust me, do not do it. You will look like a drug pusher that is in desperate need of some booze and has not slept for days. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT do it. *Fingers Crossed*

BE CAREFUL with the people you tell secrets to. There will be a whole lot of people *cough cough* girls *cough* who will be very insecure and try to ruin you. They will try to run you down and make you feel inferior. Here is a tip.. Ignore them. Do not be too much affected. Listen with one ear, let it out through the other.

Relationships are trending in high school, but not as much as it will be when you reach 19 (present), so please be careful with boys- you will never know who is bound to make fun of you. Oh, and no one will. But hey, it is still pretty good advice.

Some students of your batch in and out of your school hurt themselves when they feel depressed. Do not get into it. Just because they all do it, does not mean you should, too. Do you want to have scars and bruises? I think not.. Well, not unless you are completely a psycho.

REGARDING MUSIC?! Cut off all the heavy metal and those "nigga-nigga" *ROTFL* songs. They will poison your mind. Go for some R&B and mellow songs. They will help you relax. Really. So stop singing "GET DOWN, GET DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS!!" in the shower. The maids will hear you and you will regret everything. Believe me.

I bet you are tired of reading, so here is the last advice for you..

You will meet great friends, great best friends, a great best best friend, and a super duper awesome best best bestfriend. Do not worry if you feel very alone at the moment. It will all get better at the right time.

Love, 19-year-old-Trish

PS. Pray more and stop eating too much rice if you do not want to look like a ball bouncing about the hallway..


  1. Wow! I didn't know you love heavy metal type of songs until today!. Just like me during my High School days haha.

  2. Haha! This is a cool letter! :)) I wanna write one too, I just need some time though. LOL

  3. Wow! I didn't know that parang not you haha Now i know a little behind Trisha Kue! :3

  4. i agree.. be careful whom you tell your secrets to shobs ;) be careful whom you trust.. this world is different from what we expect it to be.. not everyone are going to treat us nice and not everyone are going to be good to us even if we're good to them... ;)

  5. Surely none would have the guts to make fun of you. You're a wholesome person so they will respect you instead. :))

  6. I think I will also tell my younger self this: "You will meet great friends, great best friends, a great best best friend, and a super duper awesome best best bestfriend. Do not worry if you feel very alone at the moment. It will all get better at the right time. "

  7. Nice letter... :)

    Love your Advice: "You will meet great friends, great best friends, a great best best friend, and a super duper awesome best best bestfriend. Do not worry if you feel very alone at the moment. It will all get better at the right time."


  8. Sana itong letter na to nabasa na natin nung 15 years old pa lang tayo, pero nkaka bilib lang kasi ang dami nating natutunan. Di tayo mgging strong like this kung hindi natin napagdaanan lhat ng yun nung 15 years old tayo. ;))

  9. Aww. a very inspiring letter indeed. It made me laugh though. We have the same childhood as 15 years olds I guess. I mean, I got backstabbed a lot too and a friend of mine got mad at me 'coz her crush liked me which i also didn't entertain btw. HAHA.

  10. Wow, this is such a nice letter to your old self.. :) If only an older us can guide us along the way.. But still, it's nice that we experience both good and bad 'cause these'll make us grow and better ourselves.. ^^

  11. Nice! Very Ted and Marshall sa HIMYM. :))

    Rizza (beingwell)

  12. Haha.. I love it... Self realization... galing.

  13. I think I must try writing a letter to my younger self, too. :)

  14. ooohhh this one is a bright idea. wanna do it to the 15-yr old carizza too but i just dont have anything to say right now haha

  15. Haha! Ang cute naman nito. May letter talaga sa self mo. Madami na din talaga nagbago sa 4 years na yun. Mas nagmature na din tyo at mas iba magisip. Choose your friends because not all around you are your real friends. Matry nga din to minsan. Sulatan ko sarili ko. Haha :)

  16. Teenage years especially the mid part are the phase you're neither here nor there. You are neither a kid nor an adult and it's where you get the confusion on so many things. You can't act and play around like a kid anymore but you are still so young to take the cudgels of adulthood. This makes this phase a lot complicated. Great letter to your 15 year old self.

  17. At each phase of our lives, there are different priorities that we encounter and we realize that what we thought was complicated becomes less complex because we have dealt with it. Good luck and continue to embrace life... be less affected by negative people except to find ways to improve yourself ....

  18. very true indeed.
    tho, i am happy that the people i met when i was 15 are the best ones. no need to go back and patch things up. coz, they're perfect the way they are. ^___^