Sunday, June 10, 2012


NURSING- One of the hardest, yet most rewarding courses for the past century, and I am very proud to say that I am at the last stage to its success.. Even though this is a preparatory course for Medicine (the REAL battle), it is still a wonderful feeling to have gone this far.

At first, I was not really into nursing, for I wanted to take up Creative Writing.. But in the long run, as soon as I received my first "Thank you" from a patient that I helped, immediately, my interest in this course went from "min to max".

RED is the color of being a senior in my course in Ateneo, and every year we change the color of our case and calendar notebooks, so as expected, mine was really messed up, so I gave it a total make-over to show my happiness and appreciation of going this far.

I am very excited to start classes, which is tomorrow, because I want to make this year a hundred times better that my previous years of procrastinating and being as lazy as a sloth. This year, I will be the best I can be with nothing holding me back. Nursing is NOT a joke, because we do not handle papers, checks, or any material things; we handle LIVES, and that is something that should not be made fun of.

So just a heads up, I will be less active in my site, but will blog-hop and visit the lovely pages of my fellow bloggers every other day- every time I am free. xx