Monday, July 9, 2012


Each year the Ateneo de Zamboanga University College Of Nursing holds an "Acquaintance Party" to welcome the freshmen students and bid goodbye to the seniors, and of course take a break from all the sleepless nights of studying and attending classes, not to mention the 8-hour duty in various hospitals we are assigned to work at.

The poster shown above is made by my batch mate, Ms. Twinkle Usman. I love how she came up with the design. It's simple but you know how hard it is to make one, especially the finishing touches with all the layers and such. *Claps*

The theme is White with Denim. I have bought my outfit from Plains and Prints.. A white top paired with a polka dotted skirt.. The heels worn? I do not remember where I bought them, maybe it is because my mother just gave it to me out of the blue. *Laughs*

I LOVE my look! It is simple yet very classy. I did not have time to ask someone to make a dress for me, though I already had a design in mind.; nevertheless, I am still very much in favor of this look.

This is the ticket to the party, which is also for the Food and Photobooth! I was so excited when I got this!

This photo was taken right before we officially attended the event. Getting ready to party!


Moving on.. After the dance comes the most awaited part of any party.. DINNER! So from that moment on, here are the photos:

The stage was so cool.. And I mean "COOL". The decorations were so realistic, though they are not very clear in this shot. There were models of ice here and there. The first time I saw it, I told my friend "OMG Are those real?!"

With CHUBBIEZ! Great friends. One of the jolliest classmates of our section.

MEET MY DUTYMATES FOR ALMOST 3 STRAIGHT YEARS! I LOVE THEM. I got teary-eyed while taking these photos because I miss them so much.

If you have read my previous post, you saw a BONUS PHOTO of me with my best friend, well, here she is! And my I am such a morena.. Proud. *Laughs*

Oh, but there is something I am more excited of than the ticket, and no it is not the actual day but what me and my classmates are going to present which is *drum roll* a dance! It is 3:22 minutes long, but full or fun and we all enjoyed it! I will upload a video as soon as I get it fixed, somehow the file turned out "corrupted" *Sob* But here is a photo of our class shirt!

The back portion of the shirt is a GLOW IN THE DARK print, which showed very well while we were dancing, because the lights were off! Cool, eh? (And NO it does not say what you think it says. The name is not a bad word)

PHOTOS BELOW ARE OF ME AND MY BARKADA, SHOMBANG! They look so pretty! Oh, and the guy on the right is Reyes, also a close friend + my duty mate!

I had so much fun! I will further UPDATE this post with more photos of the event and during the disco at the end. PARTY HARDER! LOL Oh and FYI I did not drink. I mean me and SHOMBANG did not. We ate Chowking and Coke instead. (Hey, we were hungry!) So, did you like my outfit during the party AND the dance? :)


  1. hello trish! it's been a while since i've been last here. uuuy, you look so pretty, dear! :)
    the heels are beautiful too! :> i have to say the poster is just really nice and clean. :D

  2. I'm loving your outfit Trish, especially your shoes! Anyway, glad you had a blast.. ^^

  3. I miss college days already because of this! hahaha :D nice party! :D love the dress too! hehehe.. saw this at Plains & Prints nga :D

  4. So classy
    Love your outfit sweetie

    Can't wait to see the video :)

  5. Nice outfit Trish :) You look so pretty.

  6. Wish my batchmates are same with your age hahaha...that is a nice layout of the poster...:D

  7. Love your outfit sis! So pretty! I haven't tried attending a White party but I hope I'll be able to do so someday. :)

  8. outfit is so cute!! so curious to know and learn more about it <3
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  9. This makes me miss college so much! Love your outfit btw <3

  10. Love that shoes!

  11. Cool white outfit! :) Love the pose as well.

  12. You look simply gorgeous sweetie! :DD Love the clothes from Plains and Prints as well :)

  13. nie outfit sis! and great party.. :) i miss college life tuloy.. char! hehe ;)

  14. very classy looking Trish!you're pretty :)
    glad you had a blast!

  15. I love the theme of the party! Your outfit looks immaculate and elegant! =)

  16. Love your outfit! I also buy clothes from Plains and Prints.


  17. Plains and Prints is loooove. simple but elegantly looking outfit! :)

  18. You definitely look classy in that dress. Fun photos! Astig naman ng dance shirt niyo, pink color pero glow in the dark! ヅ

    by the way, wanna follow each other?

  19. Omg Trish I like your outfit! :o
    Your acquaintance party looks really fun. Hopefully ganun din ours tomorrow haha

  20. Hiii :)
    You looked absolutely STUNNING! It really all went so well and I love your heels. :)
    That poster design is seriously great! Looks as if it was all very fun :D

  21. I love the dress. simple and chic! :)
    I miss school parties. they are a whole lot fun than errr.. family parties. opppsie!

  22. very pretty sis. love your outfit. <3 classy

  23. love your outfit! :-) especially your shoes :-)

  24. stunning and exquisite! loves it!