Tuesday, July 31, 2012


FINALLY. Yes, finally I get to post again. I have been very busy with school lately, trying to complete all the requirements as early as now so that I will not be facing any problems or panic in the future.

On July 30, 2012 me and my fellow ZC bloggers went out to have a fun shoot / "Mori Kei" shoot. Of course photos are way better than just blabbing about how much fun I had, so I will not keep you waiting! Here are some shots taken by Rhea, me, Patsy, and Patty. I just compiled all of them with watermarks found as credits. :)

First, we met at Pasonanca Park and started preparing for the shoot. I just assisted them and took some "extra" photos.

Here, Jannie, our awesome (and I mean awesome) make-up artist, doing Patriciaa and Kai's make-up.

I was paying total attention to how Jannie does her make-up. I told myself, "Okay, she's on level 100. I'm on level 1." LOL Then she offered to give me tips and tricks on how to emphasize my features. Yay!

Thank you for the gift, Jannie! Love love love you! xx

Me with Achi Rhea. Warm hugs! I had fun talking to her.. She gave me advice regarding certain problems. Thank you! xx Planning to get together with her again before she leaves.

Here is JUN JIE! Rhea's adorable puppy. She was dancing when we did not pay much attention to her. Cutest. Thing. Ever. Plus, every time another dog passes by she barks and shows such bravery for a mere puppy. Again, CUTEST. THING. EVER.

Patricia on the L and Karen / "Kai" beside her. They look so pretty here, eh? There will be a video too, edited by Patsy. Wait for it!

Patsy taking pictures of Patty. There are 3 of us who have the same names. Well, slightly. Me, Trisha, Patricia, and Patricia. LOL

We actually had an after-shoot shoot! Haha. FUN shots. Man that just made me hungry. Those are served at KFC, right? LOL Anyway the photos will be posted maybe this afternoon. Oh oh and maybe 2 or 3 shots as well from our dinner at Palmeras. We were totally hungry after the shoot.

I am still waiting for them to tag me on Facebook. Til then! ;)


Here I am, waiting for my father to arrive so I could use the car. My face is a bit clearer now, thanks to a certain soap I used. IRONIC. I bought a set worth about 50x more than the soap I am using now.. The cheap soap suited me well. Weird.


  1. i like the pictures. so cute. ;)

  2. I envy girls who know how to put on makeup. Nice photos.

  3. seriously shobs.. we should hang out before I leave for good.. :)
    I'll be really missing you girls! :(

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  4. Waaaaaahhhh I wish i could hang out with you girls. You are all so creative and beautiful it would be super nice to hang out heheehhe :D Love you all!!!! Cute nga ni Junjie super! eheheh

  5. What a fun shoot with pretty fashionable girls! :)

  6. Love the photos~ I also saw some on FB shared by Patsy! Can't wait to see the video.. :D Anyway, your fun shoot seems a lot of fun! And it's quite funny that there's 4 of you named Trisha/Tricia/Patricia.. XD

  7. Pure coincidence about the name ^_^ cool eh.
    Super like the sultry looks in those eyes :)

  8. Love the makep and the photos...cute!!

  9. Hi Trisha! Nice to finally be with you for more than an hour even if we didn't talk much. I bet your impression of me was a crazy talkative girl. hah XD

    Here's the video: http://flyhighpatsy.tumblr.com/post/28407165269/aoibara-rurutia-fan-video

  10. wow! i love the photos! you guys are so pretty <3
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  11. ohh i love this super fun make up to play around with colours! lovely shots <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  12. make up and photo shoot!cool!

  13. WOW! all the bonus looks great! and indeed that a very cute puppy dog! haha! love the make up! I'm still zero level! Im blanks when talking about make ups haha xx tauyanm.com

  14. It was so nice to meet you Trish! :))) Hoping to have more activities with the ZC Bloggers sooooon!

  15. The make up session looks so fun!! Cool shots!

  16. sana andyan nalang ako. waaaa. nakakainggit kayong tingnan, super enjoy niyo. klaro talaga. anyway, you look really pretty sa last pic. that pic with rhea too looks adorable :'>

  17. nice pictures, ang gaganda nyo <3 :) Sana mahilig din ako sa mga ganyan :))

  18. at pag anjan ako, dalawa kaming KAI. hahahah.
    love the photos. ang gaganda nyo. hala, magiging kikay ka nyan sis. hihi. :)