Thursday, September 20, 2012


When you judge a person, what's your underpinning? What are the grounds of the words said and the actions shown? Are those "parinig" schemes as immature as the purpose of the act itself? Why must a person be judged for not fitting in? Being judged for false assumptions contribute the same intensity of being false imprisoned- The question is, what? Why? When will these self-esteem murderers quit? Everybody has the freedom to judge and be judged, we all have ample knowledge on this, but not to the extent of actions that are beyond those acceptable.

Not fitting in to majority of the crowd has its advantages and disadvantages, and the weak will surely fall; however, that doesn't mean one can't get back up again. I have fallen a couple of times already. All sorts of scenarios involving a whole lot of different people. I had clean and dirty blows here and there, not knowing who the mastermind is. I know it's not that required to find out who, nor it is even of importance to give significance to such an unworthy act, but as curiosity has always been the reason for the cat to be killed, its presence has been bestowed, once again, for yet another murder of such innocent people.

Being stabbed in the back by an anonymous person for no reason at all is how I usually feel. I get the intensity of my dignity- my self-esteem being raped and left alone. I know these ideas might be a bit too deep, well, not as deep as the Atlantic Ocean or as mysterious as the Black Hole, but you get the point. I've proven my point as sharp as the words they've used to back stab me, so there you go. Another relevant connection to the previous statement.

That was me before. Nowadays, whenever I find out there are these types of scenarios going my way, I simply ignore. I say to myself, "Ignore and prove them wrong.", and they'll be sorry why they even started such hasty, evil judgement. They're not worth my time and energy, so why give them the attention they ask for, right? People who judge and spread false rumors about me/you are just bored with their own, lame lives. They have time to gossip about other people while ignoring their own, messed-up selves. As they say.. EPIC FAIL.



  1. ignore and prove them that they are wrong is the way to go dear! makikitid lang utak nila… you'll just waste your precious time if papaapekto k. let them be stupid with their own acts. kala nila minsan matapang na sila. hehe

  2. tama! you have really wonderful skills in expressing and writing. this post helped me a lot considering madaming mga ganito ngayon sa buhay ko. lol more power to your website!

  3. Wow. It's been a while and you have a new theme na! Yeah, ignoring them is one of the best things that you can do. Let them envy you!

  4. Ignore! :) I remember when I had my counseling and the counselor told me to do the same thing. They're not worth your time :)

  5. The people who are most judged are the LGBT ones. I myself am a bisexual. I'm not really that open about it and I doubt you know about it as well but I'm letting you do so anyway. I don't get judged like the rest of them 'coz I'm a bisexual and that doesn't really make much difference with heterosexual girls because I still like guys. It is just that I accept girls in my life as well. Unfortunately for the rest, such as lesbians and gays, they are usually judged in school and in their workplace. I currently have a girlfriend (my first) and she's a lesbian. I brought her to my fave coffee shop and was surprised at the waitress' treatment to her. They treated me really good on my first visit but they ignored us when I went there with her. It took me quite a long time to call her attention and she used to smile a lot at me and even talked about how hard life is; this time, she just frowned at me, as if she's calling me stupid. That was the first time I experienced such a thing.

  6. Don't mind them. May mga tao talagang walang magawa sa buhay. :s