Monday, November 5, 2012


It was our sembreak and we had almost a month of freedom. What to do, what to do? In my case, I had to stay at home and relax for a week because after that.. *drum roll* my dream vacation took place! A week in Europe, specifically Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris! Ah, the wonderful places we visited was the perfect place to live in. I mean, I have had dreams of travelling but I never expected this. That's why I had a countdown to the week we leave. From day 20 to day 1! Lol My excitement took over me.

-October 21: ZBNG-MANILA  at 07:00 AM 
-October 22: MANILA-DUBAI at 11:55 PM
-October 28: PARIS CDG-DUBAI
-October 29: DUBAI-MANILA at 10:10 PM



We were scheduled to leave Zamboanga first thing in the morning. Yes, waking up very early. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go go go! We had to go early because it's very cold in Paris so we needed to buy coats and scarves.

Little sister, mother, and me inside the car on our way to Diamond Hotel to sleep for a night before leaving for Dubai.

I won this adorable dragon stuffed toy from ordering the hotel's "Drink of The Month"


LOL I took photos of our meal for the whole 8 hour trip.. Also what I was watching, "Chowder"!

Here, I am with my father and our doctor friends, Dr. Barcelona & Dr. Lopez.. Travel buddies!


In the bus, on our way to the hotel while stopping over some famous landmarks and the like on the way!

The Coster Diamonds is one of the oldest still operating diamond polishing factories in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I made a friend there.. The one on the first shot. :)

I AMSTERDAM! Every tourist passes by this place to take photos of, well, proof that they really were in Amsterdam. You can zoom in on the 2nd photo. I'm sitting at the letter "T". 

Amsterdam's famous cheese and hand-made footwear! The cheese was very very yummy! We witnessed how they made these products face to face. So amusing!

No trip to the Netherlands is complete without a visit to a windmill! We stopped over for 5 minutes and had panic photo-taking. Haha!

We had a CANAL CRUISE passing through Amsterdam's different canals, and heard stories and its history on our way to the said canals. The history really got to me. Very nice.

Strolling in Amsterdam's streets on our way to the restaurant! Yum!

Since Amsterdam is known for their yummy, freshly brewed beer.. We gave a visit to where the magic happens and saw how it was done and what their secrets were! I'm not a drinker so I just took few sips. Lol

Amsterdam's famous soccer players and their autographs on their shirts, shoes, and actual balls used! 

BEER DELIVERY! Haha! On the 2nd photo, my background is a stack of bottles with lights. So pretty!

Munching on BELGIUM CHOCOLATE in BELGIUM! Perfect place! On and bought some of their candies and chocolates, too. They. Were. Awesome!

HI, BRUSSELS! I took a picture outside of the "Atomium", an iconic building in Brussels originally constructed for Expo '58, the 1958 Brussels World's Fair. 

Eating -Belgian Chocolate Waffles- while sight-seeing the wonderful historic buildings of Belgium..

Cute chocolate alphabet souvenirs! Not to mention the size.. They were huge! Yummy!


We visited.. Inside and out. We were not allowed to take photos so you have to take my word for it.. The cathedral is very very beautiful.

ACTUAL Mona Lisa! We were so excited and it took us a long time to go near it for photos. The painting is very protected.. Like if there were to be a sudden fire or any disaster, a limo is waiting for "her" at the lower level to be transferred to another safe place. So much for being sosyal!

Bateaux Parisiens Cruise for about 2-3 hours with a scrumptious lunch during the whole ride. Appetizers, main course, dessert, and a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower and the "Mini Statue of Liberty" (given by the same person who did the real one in the US)!

A closer look. ;)

The most exciting part, aside from the Eiffel Tower.. The actual palace where the past kings and queens of France lived.. The VERSAILLES PALACE!

The golden gate was exquisite.. Along with the palace itself- inside and out.

Where the royal people actually ate! The real table, plates, etc they used to have their meals. 

Marvelous designing done by the people from the past. The details are so good. Hands down!

FAMOUS MACAROONS! We HAD to purchase a box.. They were good. As you can see I already tasted the purple one. :P

TA-DA! The Eiffel Tower! The time me and my father took those photos there, the temperature was FREEZING. Like 0 degrees? Plus the winds were so strong. I could not feel my lips and hands but we still wanted to take tons of photos eitherway. I love my father. He's like my travel father-photographer. Even when I am very tired he still pushes me to take photos because trips like these cannot be asked for and given in an instant. He's right. :)

Well, that is just about it! I have given you photos of the highlights of my 1-week trip. It was very very fun.. And a week is enough because we got very exhausted from travelling here and there. There was no time we did nothing. The precious time we had was very well used. I thank my parents for this amazing experience and to God for keeping us safe. 

Have a good day, everyone!


  1. omg.. i am so inggit!!! i want to travel na!! pero, i have other places in my itinerary. ^^ mejo walang nagkakagusto sa places na gusto kong puntahan. lol. tho, i wanna visit these places din.

  2. You so lucky Kue! PARIS ♥ I like your look akel na na cruise. Pretty :)

  3. Wow! That must have been quite a trip. I hope my family gets to experience a similar one in the future.

  4. Omg spell envy, P R E I. Hahahaha! Very stylish pa rin Trish!

  5. Ooooohh...I envy you. I always wanted to go to Europe. I wish the company I was working on would put up a contest for a trip to Europe and see some of the things you saw.

  6. Cool!! you're so lucky you were able to spend the sembreak in a very fun way.. all these time, I was just stuck at home facing the monitor.. haha.. so jealous! :)


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  7. You are so lucky because you can go on trips like this. Versailles. Omg.

  8. What a WOW! You really had a good time during your sembreak.

  9. If I were in your trip, Paris would also be my fave! I've been dreaming to go there since I was young. =) And those macarons, hahaha! I wonder when it would reach my lips.

    It's my first time to hear about that Mona Lisa trivia you shared above. =)

  10. Lucky girl, don't worry the photos load easily on my end, thanks I enjoy your trip

  11. Your post made me miss my trip to Paris and Amsterdam years ago. I'm sure the place is much better now. That's such an excellent way to spend a sembreak.

  12. I envy you for this trip, but I really enjoyed reading it :) more..

  13. Lucky girl,your mom and dad really made your semestral break a memorable one. I look all the photos and your thick coat.It is getting cold here in the US, reminds me to but thick coats for the kids in preparation for the winter.

  14. Wow! So envy you! My dream place is Paris! =))
    Will go there.... in my dreams! HAHA!
    Just looking at the photos, you really did enjoy the trip (who wouldn't?)

  15. Kakainggit ka naman girl. great bEuropean trip yan eh. The best na photo mo is yung sa "Atomium" Landmark talaga yan.

  16. That's what you call a real vacation
    Congrats sweetie finally your dream vacay came true <3

    Lucky girl! It is indeed fun to have a vacation with your family

    Hope to visit those places too very soon *wink


  17. Happiness indeed!!!! Lucky you to have that dream vacation!!! More to come!!!

  18. WOWOWOWOW!!! I envy you soooo much!!! Now that's what you call a SEMBREAK!!! Nice!

  19. whoa! what a way to enjoy a sembreak... Europe is one of my dream destination

  20. That was one helluva sembreak! My sembreaks before were just spent at home keeping up with the sleep I was deprived from.. lol

  21. Lucky Trish. Nice one SEMBREAK for you my friend. Hope we can tweet again some time soon!

  22. Wow! bongga shobs! :) ikaw na ang nag Euro Trip!! hehehehe :D

  23. Yeah! I really had a good time indeed seeing your tour in Europe, I got engrossed looking at your pictures that I felt I was with you in that trip. Wish to visit those places too someday.

  24. Looks like you really had a good time in Europe! You should have stopped over Dubai. It's another great place to visit!

  25. This is nice. Much nicer than the other blog I've read about her experience in Europe. And its because of the way you took those pictures.

  26. Wow! dream vacation in a nutshell!
    Lucky you get to this while still young..
    And your photo, one can clearly see just how excited you were.:)

  27. Ha! You had an awesome sembreak! I envy you, especially on your trip to Paris. It's in my bucket list. :)

  28. Which place did you like best, Trish?

  29. Wasn't the Cathedral in Paris, the Sacre Couer, Trish?

    1. Yes I was wrong about the place. Hold on will edit it in a bit. Sorry. Naguluhan na sa places. Lol