Sunday, December 9, 2012


Surgeons. Surgeons are all about taking risks, crossing the line of infinite possibilities, and at the end, whether they win or lose, face reality and regret nothing. They do not regret attempting to save their patients' lives. Like the cast of the series I am currently addicted to, "Grey's Anatomy", they are the exact reflection of the description posted- the right balance of work, life and love. Well, mostly work, but you get the idea.

To have studied in a well-known school that offers one of the best education, especially in nursing, I should be pressured, right? I should be striving hard to get the best grades, the best standings, the best reputation. Well, my dear readers, that statement is very incorrect.

I am probably one of the laziest students in my course, let alone my batch. I am not implying that I have failed my subjects and have an additional year to study just to cover up with the units. No, I am not lazy to that exact point. My interpretation of being lazy is cramming, procrastinating, and that attitude when I compare myself with the lower half of the batch, instead of the higher. Hear me out here.. How can I possibly reach the top if I always be a negative person?

That attitude might be acceptable (take note.. "might") in my years of studying nursing, but medicine? That is a whole new story. Medicine is a huge leap from nursing. Though my current course is a great preparatory step for medicine, the stress and pressure have reached levels I did not even know existed, and I will not dare compare the both of them. It is like riding a bicycle for the first time without the training wheels or a companion to keep you safe and instruct you on how to do it; however, a bicycle, at this point of the conversation, may not reflect the severity (I am not exaggerating) of studying (or even planning to study) medicine.

I am currently filling out application forms of different med schools in Manila. Here and there, every information I type or write reflects every bit of what I have and have not done during my nursing years. Here goes the phrase, "I wish I did better. Sana nag-aral ako ng mabuti." Familiar, eh? Tip for those who are planning on taking up medicine.. Study you butts off as early as you can- as early as nursing, medtech, bio, psych, or any other preparatory course. I do NOT want other people to regret as much as me. Frankly speaking, my requirements of the general weighted average, academic preparations (units, etc.), and other requirements med schools usually require (apart from the NMAT.. Each school has a different cut-off) are good. But good is not enough. When you want to succeed, good is not an option! But hey, people change. People's attitude and determination progress; you cannot judge a person's future right away.

It is never too late. It is never too late.

BONUS PHOTO! I just get so crazy with laptop webcams..


  1. We have pretty much the same description of "lazy". And you're right, it's never too late :)

    Cute selcas btw ♥

  2. Good luck with Med! It always amazes me when people still have the energy and patience to continue studying after a four-year course. :)

  3. cool!! good luck with your applications.. not really a fan of Grey's Anatomy since I wasn't able to catch their first episodes.. but I suggest you watch Emily Owens M.D., it's really a great show! :)


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  4. Indeed, Trish! If you want to go to the "best" schools, you have to be prepared as early as you Pre-med courses because GRADES do really matter... and maybe, the attitude towards study is hopefully, developed as early at that time! BUT, I still have the feeling that if you also did not BURN yourself out during the high school and Pre-med years, you would still have the energy to go to Med School! Even during Med, we had to do lots of cramming but we eventually develop the study habit that works best for us! If you feel you can't go into the most well known schools in Manila, there are very good schools in Visayas and Mindanao, too and you can start from there and be the best student that you can be! For me, where you would have your residency training would be the place the patients remember most and not the school where you came from! P.S. But again do really well in your school because residency training is competitive and you can't anymore be lazy nor have the negative attitude!

  5. photo looks cute dear! indeed dont judge people about their future haha we dont really know whats gonna happen next! xx

  6. Sue is also taking up medicine, right? God bless with your medicine career, Dra. Trisha. Hihihi.

  7. You're joining Med school? cool! good luck with whatever your plans are :) But I really hope people who graduated from Nursing then decides to join the Medicine group doesn't just join them just because it's the "new trend" now. I know a lot of people took up Medicine because they thought it would make them look cool daw. Anyway, just do good in your studies.. ok? :)

  8. You can do it Trisha! I have tons of friends in Med School and I've seen how hard they study to stay in the course. I guess it's time to step up a bit ;) Sometimes we're lazy because we're not challenged enough. Med school will definitely challenge you to do more ;) Good luck!

  9. Good luck Trish! Just find that ultimate driving force and hold on to it til the end! :)

  10. not into grey's anatomy but I watch it before. It's nice though! Uhm Goodluck na NMAT! :)

  11. Where are you applying? It doesn't matter what med school accepts you. It's not about the school, it's about the drive of being a doctor. :)

    1. I've applied to different schools in Manila. :) Yes, and I am very sure I want to be a doctor. I hope I can make it!

    2. I mean what schools, tho? Haha. I know you will! :D

  12. I'm not lazy too like you. It's why I'm taking up another course just for me to finish college. Of course, the reality is harder to bite when you're a graduate. :D

  13. I used to dream of becoming a doctor too and an engineer at the same time when I was still a kid. But I ended up with being an engineer. But I got a bonus, I earned my 2 degrees in engineering, computer and chemical engineering. And I am happy with them. Go ahead and pursue your dream.

  14. You really have to be committed to succeed in your studies, and that means studying hard. In the first place, you'll be the one to benefit all the hard work. So shake that laziness off; like you said, it's never too late :)

  15. You must be one of the most hardworking lazy person I have encountered. To be able to get to med schools you must have excellent grades in school otherwise the screening process for incoming med students can be challenging for you. However, since you sound confident that this is the course for you, then that means you have at least done the prior work needed to get in the list.

    I wish you the best of luck :)

  16. I've been there, honestly. After graduation and while applying for jobs, the realization suddenly struck me. I could've done better in College if not for my being uber tamad. So good luck with med school, at least you know now that being tamad wouldn't help you at all. Haha.

  17. Yay! Good luck! Focus on the prize na lang.. someday you'd be Dr. Trisha Kue U... at least you learned your lesson! that's what matters!:)

  18. Normal students indeed cram over projects and paper works. I believe in this modern age, only few are truly focused and advanced. So, don't worry dear... you're just starting to be serious in your life. At least you're aware of your weakness. Change for the better of course. Good luck!

  19. Sometimes it is fine to stay lazy as long as you know when to get up and row the boat for the journey.

  20. It's really never late. Once we realize things, we should leap a few steps to act and start the basics or at least plan what's the right thing to do. :)

  21. No regrets! Just remember, at least you've got a friend who will welcome you here in Manila! :)

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