Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Before I published posts on the 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R (with additional photos of the Ducati) that belonged to my uncle, and now..

Here are a couple of photos of the Epic Comp Carbon 2013 my father bought, as well as reviews from other satisfied customers.

"The Epic keeps the mini-Brain but it now has AUTOSAG, very cool!  Not only does that make the suspension setup faster, easier, and correct for those that are unfamiliar with the process but the shock also smoothed out even more in terms of feel.    This is interesting to Mtbr since the Epic rear shock is not the easiest to set up.  There’s two chambers and playing/experimenting with the adjuster knob requires one to get off the bike.." 

While no bike is fast, in and of itself, I found myself covering ground at a much quicker clip aboard the Epic; a sensation akin to sprouting a spare lung. What truly surprised me, however, was how much fun the Epic is to ride. The Epic joins the very short list of 29er bikes that play nicely with tight terrain. The bike is ridiculously nimble. There’s none of the sluggish, motor home handling that plagues some 29ers.

[http://twentynineinches.com/2012/08/06/ride-impression-2013-specialized-epic-comp-29er/ ]
"Another thing I loved about the Epic I had was the wide range of trail conditions that it did very well on.  Want to race it?  Sure.  Light to medium trail rides?  Sure as it is not too quick handling for that as long as the 100mm/90mms of travel was enough.  Endurance stuff?  Oh you bet.  If knee and elbow pads are not what you find yourself in a lot and the word ‘shuttle’ is not in your vocabulary, the Epic is a smart choice."

As for my father's review, well, he pretty much LOVES the bike. If I had the time I would gladly tour the town with this bike as well. Until then. Lol

Are YOU into bikes? If so, what bike do you own? Let's have a quick discussion! 


  1. I got into an accident when I was a kid because of biking kaya never nako pinayagan again! :'( I would love to take it up as a hobby and for fitness though so I may get back into it again!! Thanks for this review!

  2. I know how to ride a bike but try to stay away from bikes as much as possible. I'm just deathly scared of falling (like when I was a kid). My dad's into biking, so I'm definitely gonna tell him about this bike.

  3. The bike looks damn good and kinda expensive? Hehe. I own a bike or two before until I gave it up since I don't really use it that much anymore.