Friday, March 29, 2013


Some time during the last week of March, my uncle's friend offered to give him his British Bulldog, Bogart, since he can no longer take care of him that much due to work-related concerns like leaving town every now and then. My uncle politely accepted his friend's offer; however, he suggested that Bogart should stay with us, since our home has bigger space for running and playing.

Bogart is one of the most adorable and malambing dogs I have ever met. Lazy, yes. Actually he's "very" lazy.. If this big boy doesn't want to walk, he doesn't want to walk. Pull his leash around and he still won't stand up. He would stay flat on his belly with his legs spread wide out while you unsuccessfully try to make him stand- pulling his leash around.

POSSESSIVE. Bogart is very, very possessive. Try to take away his toys and he will never stop until he gets it back. But don't picture him getting all violent and all rabid-like. He's still the adorable, playful Bogart.

Bogart sleeps a whole lot, heck he even snores. Loud. I've never heard a dog snore while sleeping (actually I did, but not this loud) and still possess that "cuteness-overload" factor. 

Summing it all up, Bogart is quite the companion. If you're a couch potato who would love a lazy buddy, then this breed is right for you. But laziness is NOT acceptable with regards to bulldogs' hygiene and health. Think twice before purchasing this particular dog because it's not all loosey-goosey.

  • How much is Bogart (British/English Bulldog)?
British bulldogs cost about 55,000 pesos and above, even twice the price; which is equal to more than 1000 dollars.

  • Are they aggressive? They look scary.
In rare cases, probably. But bulldogs are known for being lazy and well with kids. No worries. It also depends on how you raise them.



  1. Adorable dog. How old is he? :)

  2. nice dog! my daughter wanted a dog as well but because its not very convenient to have anything like animals when you live in a condo, she'll need to wait for a long time hihi Nice bulldog there! I like when they're lazy hihi xx

  3. OMG! I can't believe a bulldog can be that adorable and sweet! You are so lucky!

  4. Soooo cute! OMG. Sabi nga nila sa pangalan daw nagiging basehan ng actions/character ng isang pet. Siguro ganun yung Bogart. parang bagot? :)) Pero super cute and cuddle, wobbly niya!!

    1. Haha. Yeah based on Webster's definition. Lol Super! He walks paside pa. So adorable.

  5. takot tlga ako forever sa mga aso. ewan bakit.
    anyway, that's a very expensive dog.

  6. I am not really a fan of pets but your dog looks so adorable. May yakap pa na teddy. Awww! "D

  7. I like the picture with Bogart and the stuffed toy...makes him look so sweet!!!

  8. haha.. he is so cute!! especially with his teddy!!! :)