Friday, May 3, 2013


For 10 days I’ve roamed and conquered the streets of.. Manila. LOL You must think I’ve been somewhere abroad to have used such an intro, eh? But no, I stayed in Manila for almost 2 weeks thanks to my enrollment and UK visa appointment. I was bound to go home with my family on the 21st but it would have cost more if I did (go home) and then after a few days fly back again for a day just to have my interview, so my mother decided to leave me with my aunt and her 2 kids, obviously my cousins, while they were reviewing for the UPCAT and certain math competitions. Those kids are super smart, I tell you. When my cousin was in the 3rd grade, she already studied 3rd and 4th year math! She’s sort of a math wiz. Both of them, actually. I had a wonderful time there- learned to be more responsible

Moving on. I’m finally enrolled and all set to study medicine this June! The list of books we ought to purchase are worth approximately 38,000 pesos. Yes, I am aware that they most certainly are too expensive. News flash, nothing’s cheap anymore nowadays, but luckily there’s this thing called “technology”. I downloaded 10-15 E-books and saved a whole lot; almost half of my tuition to be exact. Boy, was I relieved to have these books in my iPad. Now I have less weight to carry and more references to use! This is a tip for those who are about to go back to school this year; however, some prefer the real thing- hard, thick books. It really depends on what you’re comfortable with, so again, choose wisely and be more resourceful.

Additionally, I already found an almost-perfect dorm. It’s not that perfect because the location isn’t that close nor is it that cemented (road to school); it’s sort of like a compound and you’d have to walk along a small, rocky road. But no matter, it’s already a good enough spot, plus my room is in a loft-type and my roommate’s my older cousin so it’s good. Makes up well for the road and distance (5 minute walk to school). CCTVs in every floor, rooms air-conditioned, fully furnished, and with our own bathroom sounds A-Okay to me.


  1. sis!! good luck with med school. im in manila currently for review school naman for the CPA board. maybe we could meet if you come back. ^____^

    1. TEXT ME! OMG We should meet up talaga. ;)

  2. Where are you going to study? :)