Thursday, May 2, 2013


To my readers, I’m pretty sure a number of you have read one of my previous posts on what hairstyle I should go with found right here.

Most of the answers were “A”, medium-sized curls with bangs and dyed chocolate brown. Good news for those who voted because as I was on my way to the salon with my sister, I had a lot of second thoughts regarding what hairstyle to follow. Good thing my hair was qualified for a digital perm, unlike my sister’s. She planned to have a perm as well but got rejected, unfortunately, because of her hair type.  

They started coloring my hair first, then the perm (including the special rejuvenating treatment). Both finished at about 3 PM, equal to 4-5 hours. The process was fun and relaxing at the same time. The salon was really neat and clean, not to mention techy (mirrors had built-in screens inside. I’m not quite sure what it’s called, though!) So when you’re bored of staring at yourself, roll your eyes a bit to the side and watch what they’re currently showing.

Here are some photos of how it all happened:

This is the screen I was telling you about.

Unsure about what the machine is called. It lights up a refreshing shade of green while it heats up the curls that are clipped onto it.

Final product, loves! Fresh out of the.. Salon? LOL

And this is my hair 1-2 days after. The color stands out more (said to get lighter after a few more washes) and the curls are getting, well, curlier. Depends on how you style it after washing. I just love THIS shot. It goes so well with my makeup. Yes? :P 

 Thank you so much to those who voted and helped me decide! *phew* that was a close one. How do I look?


  1. woah. it really look nice. i'm planning to do the same thing but mine is something like ombre color. hehe. can you share how much to do the perm and color thing? thanks :)

    1. Mine was (all in all) worth 9K. I should have had the promo but my hair was not really in the best shape so they had to do some more treatments.. Bargained and asked a lot of questions to be sure I was not getting a more expensive one for nothing. :)

  2. Waaa that machine looks so sci fi! hehehehe :) I think you look nice with your new perm and color ;)

  3. YEEEY! i told you mermaid curls will look good sayo! :)

  4. oh em!! super bagay sayo sis!!! love it so much! ^___^

  5. pahabol, you look like those korean actresses. ^^

  6. I was waiting for this blog post!:) Love your hair.❤❤❤

  7. san to banda sa zc ? pati hm pag digiperm lang ?