Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I own a couple of Mac and Samsung products. Being fairly impressed with both brands, I can not overstate how pleased I am with one of the Philippines' very own MyPhone  brought to you by Lazada!

I have my eye on the white MyPhone A919 Duo. It just looks so sexy and very handy, and in addition to that it is a fresh product of our very own! Relative to the topic, I am very happy with the other proud Pinoys who support the products not only because it is ours, but because it is just as good as the ones abroad. True story.

Just take a look at the photo below. That is the model I currently want.. and there is a LOT more where that came from! Check out a ton of the other phones offered at Lazada's official site!

Some might say "Ay, local." negatively when they should be happy and proud. The mind set of locals are usually like that.. Pleased with imported goods because, well, not everyone can afford outside products. One thought to ponder is that imported phones, for example, have higher price because of the shipping fee and other miscellaneous charges. 

No bias here; honestly at first I was not really a huge fan of MyPhone but when I tried a product or two, I was impressed and am waiting for future models! The colors, shapes, and interfaces are so good you will not even believe that they are actually local products. The Philippines is advancing to a whole new era of modern. Good enough news to love your own and make MyPhone your phone as well!


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