Sunday, July 7, 2013


I bet a bunch of you are wondering why I have not been publishing any articles or every-day posts lately. Well the only word to explain that is MEDICINE, and the photo below pretty much speaks for itself; and in addition to that, I have been living in a condo just across school alone (since my roommate is arriving this August), so life is really starting to kick in. Admitting the surprising fact.. It is NOT as hard as I thought it would be.. I am talking about living alone, not medicine. That is a whole different story.

It is now my second month as a medical student, and it is very challenging yet rewarding at the same time, most certainly. I am not used to studying. Seriously, I am not. I love to read novels but when it comes to books on nursing and any other school subject, count me out. This is the reason as to why I am having a bit of a struggle adjusting to med school. Before I sleep for 10 hours, now I only get 3, 4.. 5 if I am lucky. Sundays are tough. It is not "family day" or "rest day" anymore. I read. A LOT. I cannot believe I am actually studying (seriously). It feels good to answer an exam question immediately after the first time you have read the question; however, the doctors' exams are really tricky. Reading the questions once is not enough. 

I am completely thrilled that I do not do "eenie meenie" tactics during exams anymore. It feels so good. LOL

A lot of my friends who are studying medicine, as well as my father, have warned me that if I do not LOVE medicine, I dare not pursue it. Here is the thing.. I do. And a few bumps here and there with regards to any issue, whether it be grades or personal concerns, will not drag me down and disappoint me. 

I am going to see every result as a reward and a challenge.

This post might be a bit bitin, so I am going to publish another post on what I have done in school, who my new friends are, and every must-know detail about my new life here. Until then, my lovely readers. I sincerely miss interacting with you!

BONUS PHOTO! Here I am with my uniform and ID. I have a lot of photos uploaded @trishakueu , my Instagram account. See you there!


  1. Wow nice to see you in your uniform. Surely you can be a success and live your dreams that you have worked hard for... =D

  2. good luck sis! kaya mo yan. :) study hard.

  3. you look very pretty trish :) you can do it. turn your pressures and difficulties into challenges and enjoy your journey! i'm so proud i've been your teacher before :) aja!

  4. This is great Trish! I know you can make it! It must be so interesting that they see a fashionista in the Med campus!!! Do share more of your stories...if you have the time!