Monday, October 28, 2013


Countless hairstyles have I searched for that would fit me well. I cannot even remember the last time I stood my ground on what hairstyle- the color, the cut, the overall look I want to have. I have fair complexion and a square, maybe a heart-shaped face. I am not that sure. LOL What is wrong with me. Here is a blurred photo of my new look in a bun. Can you guess what my new hairstyle is?

If you remember, for my regular readers, I have posted a "survey post" on what hairstyle to do. If you have not, it is located here: MID-APRIL MAKEOVER, and the follow-up post (with my freshly-styled hair) here: MY NEW DO.

After that digital perm, I cut my hair again 5 weeks ago. I wanted to have a look when I was in high school- a combination of curly and colored with a touch of bangs. It is never too late. *wink*

What do you think? Does this hairstyle suit me? :-)


  1. para kang koreana sis..
    i think, bagay naman sayo ang mga hairstyles na napipili mo.
    uhm, di kasi ako magaling tumingin. you know, i do the hijab. hehehe.

  2. It looks good on you. You look like the local girls here.

  3. you look great and I agree with sis kai, you looked korean :D

  4. I miss having my hair permed. It's still short for now so I still have to wait for a few more months. The new hair style looks good on you especially the full bangs. You look like a korean.

  5. Asian girls are very hot!!. I like this post.