Monday, October 28, 2013


After five long, challenging months of living alone in Manila, I am finally back home. The feeling is fairly comparable to being given a pop of those colorful, flavored Mentos a day or two after it was first advertised on television. As I arrived at the airport of Zamboanga, I honestly wanted to leave my baggage and run off to the car as if I was being chased by a mad hyena, drive home and just "be" home. The experiences and hardship that have occurred in Manila, involving my studies as well- it is difficult to adjust from a relaxed student life to one that is so hectic, have taught me a whole lot. I expected to have long chats with my family by the time I got home but that was not what happened; I immediately went to my parents' room and fell flat on my face, literally, and slept for so long. I have not had an undisturbed eight-hour sleep for so long and the nights I have stayed at home were the best ever. E-ver. I felt like a two month old wild-life mammal hibernating.

I was brought to the airport by my wonderful "bebes" Evanna, Gladys, and Janine. Here are a couple of photos of us at the airport bidding our goodbyes:

The photo below was taken at the condo's ground floor with Daeile, the scholar of a certain organization we have. LOL I cannot stop laughing. Kidding aside, I am going to miss them! A week left, friends. A week left.

I dropped by Bon Appetea, a milk-tea shop at the condo and my friends who are working there took a picture of us together. I miss you all as well. I cannot stress the excitement I have to go back to Manila.

In the meantime, I am trying my very best to read in advance. I have not even finished the third chapter of my physiology manual, probably because I cannot decide weather to read the book or the manual. I keep switching; however, I have been reading the book first. Enough of the school issues, I will discuss it in my future post(s). I am ending this post with a photo of me and my siblings. This photo was taken at Edsa Shangri-La when they surprised me during my finals week. xx