Tuesday, December 31, 2013


To be sitting uncomfortably on this pale-brown plastic chair, I am thankful. Though the luxury or thought of being able to rest my back on a thousand dollar recliner is not attained at the moment, I am not bothered. As I finish the first paragraph of this blog post, a huge wave of memories immediately hit my somehow troubled mind, giving it a quick review of how I was this year. Man, my 2013 was riveting and certain occurrences are most definitely noteworthy.

There are a million things to be thankful for. My family, friends, those amusing people who are beyond mere acquaintances, heck even the little things that we usually take for granted. For passing my Nursing in Ateneo, for being a certified medical (medicine) student, for accomplishing different goals I never even knew I had- wanted. To all the new friends I have met, as well as the old ones who I am not that affiliated with anymore due to strong winds here and there.. Thank you. For the love that was lost and what is yet to come, I welcome you warmly.

I have been inactive for a while and my sincerest apologies are given to all of you, especially my readers. My blog would not have been what it is now kung hindi dahil sa inyo. *wink* I will do my best to post more- bigger and better articles that would be as interesting as my old ones doubled, even tripled. I just have a lot of responsibilities now that should be put first.

I would love to chit-chat about our Christmas vacation in Hong Kong, but I am saving that. For now. I have tons of photos on my Instagram @trishakueu, so feel free to browse them.


BONUS PHOTO! I just made a very courageous decision and cut my very very long hair short. Boyish bobcut short! Does it suit me? #NewYearNewHair (I have no idea why I just hashtagged)

Special mention to the people who have made my 2013 extra special.. to my FAMILY and relatives, Baby Bogart and Bubbles (my double Bs), Team BOGS [E2] and RD! Kisses for all of you!