Friday, April 4, 2014


From Aquinas’ well-debated points of the “Natural Law” down to Pascal’s argument in apologetic philosophy under the striking “Wager” argument, my mind has been roaming several circles of confusion under a shade of innocence. Here and there I read about what, why and when to believe in God’s existence, not giving any significance or effort to understand my own feelings- my own beliefs. I have been too attached and captivated by what must and must not take place; the rights and wrongs of the aspects of “morality”; the sole definition of “fate” itself. In addition to the confusion my mind is already experiencing, my conscience, being its natural self, contradicts to about fifty percent (50%) of what I say and do; however, besides being dumbfounded and silenced, I am at complete awe and respect with full dedication to understanding the true meaning of fate, meaning, and above all else, God. I may not be the most omniscient being on His existence, but it is for certain that I am a strong and brave individual who will fight for what I believe in, regardless of what or who it is.