Friday, April 4, 2014


School has been tough. As tough as Popeye becomes whenever he shoves that can of spinach down his throat, all the exams, the requirements, and even the social life (really?) was a real challenge for me. No matter, it is all over for now and I have all the time in the world to do what I do best.. sleep, eat, and write. *laughs*

I have been working on a novel. It is a love story with a twist, and I want to know if the first paragraph from the first chapter is inviting. Does it make the readers want to continue with the story?

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The pain is intoxicating- it’s like drinking a glass full of grape-flavored wine, which later turns out to be poison, slowly taking away your life one heartbeat at a time. The awareness is present, but the taste is too addictive to even think about stopping. Ah, love. Each time I look at him tightly grasping the hand of his gallingly captivating girlfriend, I stand at constant denial that he’s happy with their relationship full of fights and meaningless lovemaking. It hurts me to be a witness of such an odd fixation to being a “power couple” of our decade-old school. I mean, what’s the use of being an icon if you’re not even happy with what you’re doing? It’s comparable to being an attorney when you really want to be a world-renowned surgeon, and vice versa. To be blinded of the truth is sad, but to give the illusion that true bliss is the combination of false reputations that don’t even make sense? It hurts. It hurts a whole lot, but I like it.

What do you think? This is only the first paragraph. I hope it is striking enough. :-)