Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Women are sensitive. A normal conversation could turn into an exchange of grenades, inches apart, while being blindly stabbed in the back with a poisoned blade. Extreme, I know. That's exactly how it is, and the reason as to why it lead to that scenario is usually questionable. Yes, I'm referring to men. Listen, and listen carefully.

Here are the top 5 things men should never say to a woman:

5. "You've gained so much weight!" or "Grabe! Ang taba mo na!"

As cliché as this is, unless you're in a close (and I mean really close) relationship with her, don't even dare. Family and best friends are an exception, though. Always. Other than that, especially if you just met her, be polite. Whether it's true or not, refrain from commenting on a woman's size negatively. No, scratch that. Play safe. If you can't focus on the positives (how pretty her hair or dress is), zip it.

4. "Are you really going to eat all that?" or "Kainin mo talaga lahat iyan?"

This is in relation to the fifth one, also weight-related. Do I even have to explain this? I do? Oh, okay. When you ask her this, she'll be conscious as to why you asked. Does she look fat enough to be able to eat all of the food she ordered? Or does she look too thin to even finish half of it?

3. "Why can't you be more like.." or "Buti pa si.."

Stop. Comparing is way out of line; again, when you're comparing negatively. Different people have different qualities, and they handle their advantages and disadvantages in their own way. Just because she doesn't speak as well as the woman who spoke before her, doesn't mean she's not smart or talented enough. Again, different people have distinctive characteristics. Good and bad.

2. "My ex used to.." or "Ang ex ko.."

Anything you say with the word "ex" in it is automatically wrong. If you say good things about your ex, you'll seem like you're not contented enough; conversely, if you say mean things about her, your partner would think that in the event of an unfortunate breakup, you would trash talk about her as well. Yes, it's like that. Now you know.

1. "#@&%$>" (physically or verbally)

This is probably one of the worst, no, scratch that, it is the worst thing to ever do or say to a woman. The worst form of abuse. No matter how much you're mad at your her, never ever lay a finger on her (out of anger). This act will change your relationship forever, and I'm not only referring to an intimate boyfriend-girlfriend/husband-wife bond. Female friends are just as important. The only exception is if she wants to be yelled and cussed at, which is common among friends; nevertheless, make sure if she's a "Yay!" or "Nay." on the whole yelling and pushing.

That's it! I hope my advice helps. Remember, it still depends on the person and situation. I'm speaking based on experience- mine and, well, majority of the women I've met. 


  1. I have to agree 100% with you. Women are a treasure to the earth and mothers are the base of all families. No man should ever mistreat or speak unkindly to any woman.

  2. Ack do men really do these things? I swear, I would probably get arrested for murder if anyone said/did this to me...especially the food and weight stuff!