Sunday, August 4, 2019


Yes, that’s right. After 2 years of being busy with my hectic schedule in medicine and an unfortunate “Error 404” hindrance from Google (?), I’m finally back. I have so much to share. The events that have occurred within that period of time can’t be compressed in a single post. From getting an adorable lion lop x lion head bunny to preparing for my post-grad internship, it has been an interestingly bumpy ride.

The last post I have published in my blog was from 2017. Talk about being outdated. First and foremost, about the “Error 404”, which was a huge impact on why I haven’t posted in a while. Apart from my 36-hour duties in different hospitals, since I rotate monthly, this unexpected error was a reason I slightly lost interest in my site. Not that I didn’t want to write again, but to be awake and on my feet for 2 days straight?  Who wouldn’t want to use the free time to sleep and get ready for another busy day hours after incomplete hours of sleep? I suddenly wanted to blog about a certain occurrence at the hospital that made me want to cry and just be distant with everything. As I visited my site, the error popped up. I tried to solve it, asked a few people who are familiar with the work, and repeatedly refreshed non-stop. No luck.

Months after, my grandfather told me, “please don’t stop writing, Trish.” My inner-blogger/writer self heard those words and suddenly got up and shoved away all the negativity that made me want to give up my passion. He said it out of nowhere. I was elated. I teared up. He was the one who told me, in front of my parents, how much he loved my writing, and that I should’ve taken up law instead of medicine. That meant so much coming from an actual accomplished lawyer. Days after, I tried to log into my Blogger account and do some meddling with codes and such. I was about to give up when I changed the setting of my site, put it back to the original one right after because I was afraid it might affect my site, and then it worked. What more of a sign could I ask for?

More content is coming!