Friday, April 4, 2014


Fire, the element that not only screams anger and chaos, but also represents what most people would label as passion; whether it be the passion for love or for a particular hobby, that strong and barely controllable emotion is present.

If I were asked to pick one word to describe me as of the moment, I would choose any possible term associated with fire. I have been having these unwanted mood swings that I cannot take control of. One moment I am mad, the second, I want to cry for no reason. Of course this is not menopause I am a twenty-two-year-old woman for Pete's sake. Maybe I am just under a whole lot of stress. Maybe?


School has been tough. As tough as Popeye becomes whenever he shoves that can of spinach down his throat, all the exams, the requirements, and even the social life (really?) was a real challenge for me. No matter, it is all over for now and I have all the time in the world to do what I do best.. sleep, eat, and write. *laughs*

I have been working on a novel. It is a love story with a twist, and I want to know if the first paragraph from the first chapter is inviting. Does it make the readers want to continue with the story?

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From Aquinas’ well-debated points of the “Natural Law” down to Pascal’s argument in apologetic philosophy under the striking “Wager” argument, my mind has been roaming several circles of confusion under a shade of innocence. Here and there I read about what, why and when to believe in God’s existence, not giving any significance or effort to understand my own feelings- my own beliefs. I have been too attached and captivated by what must and must not take place; the rights and wrongs of the aspects of “morality”; the sole definition of “fate” itself. In addition to the confusion my mind is already experiencing, my conscience, being its natural self, contradicts to about fifty percent (50%) of what I say and do; however, besides being dumbfounded and silenced, I am at complete awe and respect with full dedication to understanding the true meaning of fate, meaning, and above all else, God. I may not be the most omniscient being on His existence, but it is for certain that I am a strong and brave individual who will fight for what I believe in, regardless of what or who it is.